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Zec’s Half Century Beard Care Giveaway

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Zec’s Half Century Beard Care Giveaway

This Giveaway was in 2017!

ENTRY TO DRAW IS NOW OPEN ON ‘Guardians of the Beard’

Okay, I know that it is incredibly hard to believe that this month I will be 50, my youthful boyish looks make it seem that I am not telling the truth, but alas it is true and in 1967 this world was lumbered with me!

I am a miserable git, unsociable and intolerant and so I don’t want a party, all those people are best kept behind a screen on social media where I can pretend that I am fun and a nice person.

So I decided that I should celebrate my half century of failure on this planet with a giveaway, in fact hopefully a massive giveaway and so this morning I have been contacting some of the beard care brand owners that I haven’t upset. I am pleased to report that the initial response is amazing!

Guardians of the Beard

The draw will take place on the ‘Guardians of the Beard’ Facebook group and will be launched on Friday 11th August 2017 and the Live draw will take place on Monday 14th August at 7pm.

Now this won’t be a winner takes all draw, instead the names of the brands will be put into a hat and as you enter the draw you will be given a number, the numbers will then be drawn after I have picked a brand and so on.

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So far the following draws are

  1. Beardlab – Oil & Butter –
  2. Manmane – Jardin Du Monde 30ml –
  3. Manmane – 60ml balm of choice
  4. The Bearded Rapscallion – 30ml balm & 10ml oil –
  5. The Bearded Rapscallion – 60ml balm & 30ml oil
  6. Merry Band Beard Oil – 10ml oil & 30ml balm –
  7. Woodsman Beard Co – 30ml oil & balm combo –
  8. The Beardy Beard Co – 60ml balm –
  9. Beardpilot – Romancer 30ml Oil & 60ml Balm & Limited Edition T –
  10. Dead Rugged Beard Care – Full set of 5 oils –
  11. Gonzalez Beard Co – Beard Oil, Wax and a Cap –
  12. The Butter Source – Beard Butter & Oil Mist –
  13. Scruff Stuff – Beard Conditioner and Beard Oil & Balm of choice –
  14. Balbo Beard Co – Beard Oil & Balm –
  15. The Old Norse – Beard Oil & Balm –

So if you have a beard or if your loved one has a beard and you want to be in with a chance of winning some beard care goodies, head on over to the group, request to join and once we have accepted you post a photo and say hello, we don’t bite, well a few do!

Okay so these are the winners

Manmane – Jardin Du Monde 30ml Beard oil – Daniel Ferris

The Butter Source – Beard butter & Oil mist – Tim Kirk

Beardpilot – Romancer 30ml Oil and 60ml balm – Andy Bagshaw

Merry Band Beard Oil – 10ml beard oil & 30ml balm – Barry Corcoran

Manmane – 60ml balm – Philip Childs

The Bearded Rapscallion – 30ml oil & 60ml balm – Dave J Cantwell

The Beardy Beard Co – 60ml balm – Steve Mckellar

The Old Norse – Beard oil & Balm – Adam Richardson

The Bearded Rapscallion – 10ml oil & 30ml balm – Teifion Warman-Powell

Beardlab – Beard oil & Butter – Matt Jackson

Gonzalez Beard Co – Beard oil, wax and Cap – Philip John

Woodsman Beard Co – 30ml oil & balm combo Tony Badger Hudson

Dead Rugged Beard Care – Set of 5 Beard oils – Graeme Brown

Scruff Stuff – Beard Conditioner, oil and balm – Steve Radford

Balbo Beard Care – Beard oil & balm – Mike Mee

Thank you to all the brand owners who made this possible 👍👊

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