Up until now I have favoured the D5 Mini from Guardian G1 but the Z5 Body Worn Camera has changed my mind and I will be using this camera from now on.

It is slightly bigger than the D5 at;

  • height 80mm
  • width 30.7mm
  • width 56mm
  • weight of 175g

but it is still a nice compact size compared to some of the body worn cameras available.

The Z5 Body Worn Camera has some nice additional features that make this in my opinion, the obvious choice when buying a body worn camera.

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It has everything you need from a body worn camera and more, it has a 160 degree lens and it captures video at a maximum 1512p 2688×1512 at 30fps and photos at 40 megapixels 8448×4752.

It has a built in 64gb memory card (not removable) which is smaller than some of its rivals but with the option of switching from H.264 to H.265 video coding, you not only improve the quality of the video but it also the compression of H.265 is almost double that of H.264 and so your storage will go further.

The night vision on the Z5 is very good and I personally choose to set the 6 Infrared lights manual rather than auto because it is so good. I would only use the infrared if it was very dark as the 6 IR lights turning on and off automatically as you pass under and out of streetlights or lit storefronts in my opinion spoils the video.

It also has a bright white LED light that can be turned on pressing and holding the OK button.

There is a G Sensor with selectable sensitivity that will when turned on, detect the impact of an attack or accident and start recording video. If you select this option, I would also recommend turning on Pre Record in the settings so that when it does record from G-Sensor, it includes footage prior to that.

It has GPS that can be enabled and this imprints the current location longitude and latitude coordinates onto the video. Also imprinted on the video is the Time & Date and also optional ID for device at 5 alpha numeric characters and person/user at 6 alpha numeric characters.

Device protection is provided with a 6 alpha numeric characters password for the settings on the camera and also for when plugged into a PC or laptop and footage from the camera can only be removed via a computer making it compliant with EU GDPR.

Now the additional features on the Z5 that impressed me and caused me to put the D5 back in its box are first off the fact that it comes with 2 batteries that give 20 hours of filming capability when combined and it takes 4 hours to fully charge each battery and has a standby time of 24 hours.

You can even change the battery over whilst using the camera. I think it is something like 90 seconds to insert the new battery after removing the depleted one.

The charging dock for the Z5 has a slot in the front to charge both the camera and the spare battery at the same time.

The battery door can be a bit tricky when the camera is new and you need to get a finger nail under the lock button to pull it up, but it eases after a few goes and then is okay.

It has a Red VIP button on the left hand side above the battery compartment door that will mark the video so that section of video is easier to find later, and the video sections can be set in recorded sections of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 45 minutes. I find 10 minutes is a good length!

It also has a very handy Key Lock function, while recording press and hold the record button for two seconds to turn on the keylock.

When using the camera, it is very easy to accidently press the audio button and whilst recording video, this mutes the camera. There is no audio or vibration feedback to alert you this has happened and so the key lock is a great idea!

There is also an SOS function that is activated when you press and hold the audio record button and this makes the bright white LED flash and the Z5 plays a siren sound.

Previous review of the Magnetic Mount from Guardian G1

With the Z5 you no longer get a shoulder harness and I think that is a good decision as I don’t really like that option of mounting the camera, you get the usual chest harness but you also get one of the Guardian G1 Magnetic Mounts that are very good and attach the camera to you without damaging clothing or kit like a klikfast doc does and these retail at £39.99 from Amazon when bought separately.


  • 2 x batteries 20 hours when combined – 4 hours to fully charge each battery and has a standby time of 24 hours.
  • Average life on H.264 Format – 1512p 13.5 hrs, 1440p 14 hrs, 1296p 15 hrs, 1080p 18hrs, 720p 19 hrs 480p 20hrs when using GPS & infrared night vision, the battery life/time will be lower
  • 30fps frame rate
  • 64GB internal storage
  • H.265 video coding
  • 40MP camera photos Day & Night & while recording
  • Night vision can clearly see faces up to 10 meters away even if its pitch black outside, and that’s without the IR on.
  • 6 Infrared lights Auto or Manual
  • White LED light (Press and hold OK button to switch on/off)
  • GPS mode (Imprints latitude & longitude)
  • 2 Inch LCD
  • Key Lock – While recording press and hold the record button for two second
  • SOS Mode – Siren & Flashing LED
  • Password Protection
  • Camera & User ID (5 alpha numeric characters for camera & 6 alpha numeric characters for user)


  • Video Resolution – 2688×1512 30fps – 2560×1440 – 2304×1296 – 1920×1080 – 1280×720 – 864×480
  • Format – H.264 – H.265
  • Quality – Normal – Fine – S Fine
  • Pre Record
  • Post Record
  • Dewarp
  • Auto Record
  • Loop Recording
  • Split Times – Minutes – 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45
  • Photo Resolution – 5m 3008×1692 – 12m 4608×2592 – 20m 5984×3366 – 25m 6656×3744 – 30m 7296×4104 – 40m 8448×4752
  • Burst – Off, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20
  • Self Timer – Off, seconds – 5, 10, 20, 30, 1 minute
  • Slideshow – Off, On
  • Infrared – Manual – Auto – On manual hold Camera button to turn on
  • Motion Detect – On – Off
  • Record Warning – On – Off
  • Global Positioning – On – Off
  • G Sensor – Off, High, Middle, Low. When senses G Force (Attack) It auto records
  • Time Zone – + – Hours
  • Language
  • Screen Saver – Off, 30sec, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min
  • LCD Brightness – High, Low
  • LED – on, off – LED status of camera – Green – standby, Red – Pre record, Flashing Red – Recording, Yellow – Audio
  • Key Tone – On, Off
  • Motor – On, Off
  • Volume
  • Time/Date
  • ID Setting – Device 5 Characters – Person 6 Characters Alpha Numeric and .
  • Password – On, Off
  • Change Password – 6 Character Alpha Numeric
  • Default Setting
  • Firmware Version

I not only use these cameras when out but I also use them when filming reviews outdoors as an extra camera as the quality is so good and the magnetic mount means I can also attach it to a metal surface or with the crocodile clip I can attach it to a tree using a strap and I have done this as I have also used these cameras as a wildlife camera utilising the motion detection settings.

So combine all of these features and you have an incredible camera!

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The Z5 Body Worn Camera costs £229 from Amazon with Free next day delivery for Prime Members.

Check out the Guardian G1 website for more products from this brand!


By Zechariah Richardson

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