I have just been to the doctors, I don’t make a habit of going for this and that but recent problems in my opinion needed checking out!

I have been having trouble regulating my body temp, I’m over heating through carrying out the smallest tasks and last night I just started sweating whilst sat watching TV, Its accompanied by mental fatigue and brainfog and so I decided that I would make an appointment at the doctors.

So I explained this to the doctor and her reply was “it’s summer, we all get hot” and so I tried to explain further and she said “it’s probably adrenaline, you probably thought of something and got a rush of adrenaline. Life is after all adrenaline”. I didn’t really know how to reply and I let her get away with this poor answer to my problems.
I know what adrenaline feels like, I have had adrenaline rushes when I was a firefighter, I’ve had it when I have had panic attacks and this was not caused by a thought triggering a rush of adrenaline. I told her I had CFS and she said that she didn’t really know anything about it and that I’m the expert.
Its unbelievable that someone who is supposedly a doctor can fob off a patient like this and without any apparent sign of care.

I hear so many stories of people seeing a doctor who either doesn’t care (or show anything of care) and being sent away without any answers and feeling like they don’t matter. Being chronically unwell is a battle, a battle to survive everyday but also a battle against people who don’t take our pain and condition seriously and when it’s a doctor it hits even harder.

Luckily I have a pain management appointment next week and so I can question the consultant on what’s happening, although I have struggled with getting what I need from that department. I know that I’m not receiving the medical care that I should be, I’m almost left to cope on my own and I receive no physiotherapy at all but it’s difficult to be firm and knowing what you need without coming across as a hypochondriac or that’s how I see it.

So for now I’m still unsure as to why I can suddenly start boiling like a kettle, if I was a woman I would wonder if I was going through the menopause!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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