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You what?

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I’m sat on the settee minding my own business in my own home when there is a knock at the door.

My wife goes to see how it is and its a guy who lives with his parents next door, he has come to say hello (we have lived here over two years). Anyway he is standing as the local conservative candidate and wanted to introduce himself, my wife tells him that she is surprised that he is with conservative because he does work to help the homeless and he is a pastor and its at that moment that he said those words “I agree with welfare reform”!

I know I shouldn’t but it was like a red rag to a bull, I got into my wheelchair and wheeled to the lounge door and asked him how he felt about the people who have died because of sanctions? He said “I agree with welfare reform but maybe not in the way they have been done”, I told him about my ESA assessments and how I scored zero points, I told him about being on less money for months because of that and yet a phonecall where they asked about my meds gave me full points because I’m on oramorph and yet we told them that at the assessment.

He carried on talking but didn’t make eye contact with me, he just looked at my wife and carried on talking as if I wasn’t there!

I am, I was angry but that turned to being upset because that’s how it affects me, it’s hard enough having to cope with pain 24/7 and I struggle to cope with the added pressure of the welfare reforms and the pending sense of doom over the fact that I will be switched to PiP soon and so many people have failed to get it.

My day’s now ended badly because someone was stupid enough to knock on a disabled persons door and say that they agree with welfare reform, anyone who is chronically unwell will know that stress can send you into flare up.

That’s all, I just needed to share, I just needed to get it off my chest!

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  1. Are you only getting ESA? You’re entitled to apply for PiP as well and you should qualify – i got minimum points possible to enable me to get more help financially – i wasn’t expecting it judging by how strict they are but you have to get what you’re entitled to… I could e-mail you my decision letter if you want so you know what they’re looking for.

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