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Yorkshire Tea have given me hope!

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Just when I thought all was lost and there was nothing, Yorkshire Tea have given me hope!

I get through each day one cup of tea at a time, no that is not a joke!

I have posted many times how I live with chronic pain, every day is a battle and it is the little things in life that get me through each day.

One of those things is a cuppa, yes I love a nice cup, well mug of tea and it has to be Yorkshire tea. However I do like a biscuit with my cuppa but ‘a biscuit’ is not really true, yes I can destroy a whole pack with one cuppa. Now that is not a secret, my size is a giveaway to my addiction.

So my wife refuses me biscuits saying “It is for your own good” and Ihave tried using the Human Rights Bill to fight my case but it hasn’t worked.

I am one of these strange people who doesn’t mind it if a biscuit breaks and sinks in my tea, I love taste and I ignore my wife’s looks of disgust as I finish the last sip with biscuit in.

But Yorkshire Tea have come to the rescue!

Yorkshire Tea have given me hope!

Yes the Yorkshire Tea Biscuit brew, a Tea that has the flavour of biscuits in….


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