In August 2021 I wrote a blog post titled ‘Will I ever be a Jew‘, in this blog post I have great news and yes, spoiler alert!

Will I ever be a Jew?

One of the barriers to conversion was my health and without any doubt, my health has taken a massive dip, I am no longer able to spend as long as I did doing tasks such as gardening. I still attempt it, but it takes a lot less to cause me to crash.

So flare-ups are more frequent, and they are harder, but because becoming a Jew is so important to me, I have made changes, and I am still in the process of making changes.

I am quitting beekeeping and selling my bee hive, and I have cut down on the amount of time I dedicate to reviewing products, by making these adjustments I can make sure I am as well as can be expected to do other things.

At the Synagogue we have a Rabbi who divides his time between us and another synagogue and so Shabbat services are online on Friday evening and the morning service is online every other week and if I am well enough, I attend the service in person every other week.

On Sunday’s we have a 90 minutes adult education class on Zoom, and it is very enjoyable and helps me to learn more and more about Judaism.

I have since writing the last post started a Conversion Course that is once a week and again via Zoom and is meant to be an hour, but we sometimes go over and even though all this doesn’t sound like a lot, for me, it uses a lot of mental energy.

I also put time into study. I make sure to spend at least 30 minutes every day reading Hebrew, that way it stays fresh, and I am starting to build the speed at which I can read and also the familiarity of the words, means I can recognise many of them.

And then of course I am co-presenter on Disability Horizons TV that live streams every other Sunday at 6pm!

So I have made it work because of how important it is to me and of course the answer to the last post ‘Will I ever be a Jew’ is now answered, and the answer is YES!

But there were also financial barriers to me converting, the price of the conversion course and then the Beit Din fees were a huge barrier, but my Rabbi has been amazing.

There is usually help if we ask, this goes for many things not just this topic, but like many people in poverty, what stopped me from asking for help was embarrassment, I feel so embarrassed to admit that we struggle financially, and I hate, hate, asking for help!

But we need to ask for help and be honest, so that is what I did, and I am now due to hopefully go before the Beit Din in October this year and I will be able to finally say “I am a Jew!”

The funny thing is that because I have committed myself to prayer, to reading Torah, to being involved in the community, I now actually feel Jewish. All of those years when I ignored the inner voice that was screaming at me, as if it was my soul hammering away at me from the inside and screaming for me to attend Synagogue, it is now silenced, it is content and so am I!

I described it before as feeling homesick for a home where I have never lived.

Now I am home!

I still have to pay the Beit Din fees and pay for the Mikvah after that and I need to purchase a Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl), but (hopefully) selling the bee hive will go some way to making that possible, but I am still trying to scrape together the rest and with the massive cost of living increase, it’s hard.

If you could donate to help me with these fees, I would be extremely grateful and will offer up a prayer of thanks. My PayPal link is below.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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