Recently I found out why it is always best to start using CBD low and slow.

The temptation when looking at CBD is to jump in at a high dose. Your pain levels are high, anxiety is bad or whatever symptoms you have are severe and so you assume you need a high dose!

I have been using a 250mg in 15ml Love Hemp CBD e-liquid and I have had good results from it. It has helped my anxiety and depression, I am still in pain but it helps me to handle the pain, I am relaxed, sleeping better and that has a positive effect on pain levels.

Pharmahemp Tiramisu CBD Vape oil

I started to use a higher dose product, it was the Pharma hemp 300mg & 500mg in 10ml e-liquids and I was also trying out a CBD spray.

I didn’t feel right, I knew I was not feeling very good mentally and then the cloud of depression descended. My wife was asking me if there was any triggers that could have caused it, was it my recent appointment with the orthopaedic consultant?

But nothing had rattled me lately, it was a mystery!

Love Hemp CBD e liquid vape

It then occurred to me a couple of days later that it might be the change in CBD dose and so I started using the Love Hemp 250mg in 15ml e-liquid again.

Within a few days my head felt clearer, that horrible feeling of depression had lifted and as my family put it “I was more bearable!”

So what happened?

I emailed Daniel at For The Ageless to discuss it and it appears that it is the ‘Biphasic Effect’ and you can read more by following this >link< to the For The Ageless Blog!

But the basic gist of it is that we are all different, we all have seen one person get drunk on very little alcohol whilst another drinks all night and appears okay and also a person who has a couple of drinks and is everyone’s friend but a few more and they want to fight the world!

I am lucky that I have a low tolerance to CBD and so the 250mg in 15ml e-liquid is currently the perfect dose. When I increased the dose, it worked differently and had a negative effect just like the alcohol that person consumed lifted their mood but drinking more caused it to become a depressant.

So when choosing a CBD product, start low and slow and build up until you have found the dose that suits you!

For The Ageless

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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