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Why is free broadband needed?

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So Labour has pledged free broadband for all and as you can imagine, it has caused a debate with some very against it.

Read about this on BBC News

But I want to tell you why I think it is a great idea and this is from a disability/chronic health point of view!

I do manage to get out of the house but not often, I would say I am stuck indoors 95% of the time and there are many who are in the same position.

I see my wife, my daughters and grand kids and my mum and in laws pop in about once a month!

So I have long periods of time where I don’t get to socialise, I can’t get out because of high pain levels and I dislike too many people visiting because I am already trying to cope with pain and so I struggle to cope with, well people!

So having access to the internet is vital, interacting via social media keeps me sane, literally and also makes me lose my sh!t when I see a stupid post.

It is my social life and it plays a big part in keeping my mental health from being a problem, I can guarantee that even on a bad day, there will be a post that makes me laugh and that is priceless.

But also for people that can’t get out and don’t have family around them, it means they can order their food shop online or any other items they may need, without that they may not be able to buy food, clothes, a new light bulb etc!

I can order my meds from the doctors, make appointments and check my test results online.

I can connect with people who are in a similar situation and that helps, just being able to talk to someone via social media who understands the situation I am in helps so much and the disabled community joins together on social media.

So yes I can see why people think free broadband is a bad idea because of funding it, but the benefits to people like me are huge!

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