On Thursday 7th of May I along with over a million other disabled people will get to vote, nothing new there, however what is new is the campaign or should I say campaigns to make disabled people realise we as a group can make a difference.

This blog post isn’t about voting for a particular political party, in fact I still have no idea who I’m voting for!

I’m not very interested in politics, this is mainly down to the times when I have seen our MP’s in parliament and seeing them behave in a manner that makes me wonder why we trust our country to them. Jeering and shouting, laughing and acting like a group of kids stuck in a classroom at playtime because it’s raining, important matters being treated like it’s all a game.

I guess it’s down to me to find out what each party is offering, what they believe in or rather what they are telling us they believe in. I’m hoping to have representatives of the various parties knock on my door and I have never felt that way before, I want to know what they think of people like me and what they think of the system that supports us. I can’t work, I truly wish I could because this is no easy lifestyle, why would anybody want to shut themselves off from society and spend everyday looking at the same walls. I want to know why disabled people in this country are being penalised through no fault of their own and I want to know if they think it’s okay that disabled people are living in poverty because an assessment that is not fit for purpose has found d them fit for work. I want to know why I have to top my rent up with my disability payment because housing benefit won’t cover the rent for a suitable property for disabled people. I know to some this is going to sound like I want a free ride, believe me I don’t. I did manage to return to work but an accident ended that dream, I know calling work a dream sounds crazy, but to support my family through paid work gives you pride, also working gives you social interaction.

So for now I’m undecided on who gets my ❎
Please comment on your thoughts, I need some guidance because I want to make sure that we don’t regret our choice.

Until next time!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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