Many guys still struggle to find the clitoris but don’t despair we will show you where is the clitoris & what do you do with it?!

Unfortunately there are many guys who think that once they know where it is, that they should just make a beeline for it every time, they have found the holy grail and it is now their one trick.

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Three quarters of the clitoris is hidden and the clitoris continues to grow, after the menopause a woman’s clitoris can be two and a half times bigger than when she was in her teens!

The clitoris contains the same amount of nerve ending as the Glans or as it is most often referred to, the helmet and yet the clitoris is tiny in comparison and so all those nerve endings are in one tiny spot.

So it is very sensitive!

That means that it is not a good idea to head straight for it and start rubbing away like there is no tomorrow.

Just like penetrative sex, it is best to warm things up first or rather get her wet.

For many men penetrative sex is the only thing on their minds and to get it as quick as possible.

We think that makes no sense at all, why dash in and have it all over and done with. Slow down, enjoy the foreplay after all, foreplay is vastly underrated and yet it is way better a quick fuck!

Don’t rush in and try and go for the clitoris or getting your fingers in there, start slow and work your way to it. Gently stroke her inner thighs and get closer and closer but slowly, tease her as you get nearer and nearer but then back off slightly.

Get her really wet.

The vagina just like a penis is made from erectile material, during foreplay the vagina elongates, the cervix, the tip tip of the uterus lifts up a bit.

So sticking a finger, penis or sex toy in too quick will not only be harder without lube but also you risk hitting the cervix which can be painful for a lot of women.

Plus as she gets more aroused, she will become more sensual, sex will be better both partners and you will have had a lot more fun!

Back to the clitoris!

The clitoris is also made of erectile material, so if your sexual partners clitoris isn’t obvious straight away, it will be easier to find and stimulate once she is wet and aroused fully.

The Clitoris or Clit, as you can see from the above diagram sits at the very top. Now just like any other body part, the vagina varies in size and looks and the clitoris could be hidden away inside the clitoral hood or it could be prominent.

Both are okay, we are all made differently!

As we mentioned before, the clitoris is very sensitive and again how sensitive depends on the individual.

If the clitoris is very sensitive and even if it isn’t, a good method of clitoral stimulation is to very gently squeeze the clitoral hood, you will feel the clitoris inside and gently work the clitoral hood up and down stimulating the clitoris.

Some women enjoy a finger being rubbed from side to side over the clitoris, again start slow as she may be very sensitive, but she may also like you to be more firmer, let her guide you.

If you are orally stimulating the clitoris, try gently sucking on it as well as licking it.

Now I have some bad news for the men!

The best ever orgasm that we can have, will likely never be anywhere near the experience that a woman can have.

The clitoris that as you saw from the diagram is a far larger sexual organ than most people realise and this is all there for her pleasure and in the hands of the right partner or even at their own hands, woman can achieve mind blowing orgasms that can last and last.

Using a sex toy that stimulates the vagina and clitoral glans like a rabbit vibrator can result in an orgasm that will have her trembling in your arms or if you are flying solo, have you wondering why you never used one before!

But always remember that the organ that provides a lot of sexual stimulation is the brain!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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