Today is my youngest daughters 21st birthday and all those years have sped past, my little girls have gone.

I will certainly never forget her birth, my wife was admitted in the evening of the 24th of June 1994 and a storm was brewing. She was the only one on the ward in the old Rochford hospital and it was silent, well it was until the wind and rain started and we suddenly heard the scream of several nurses. I went to investigate and found them in another ward trying to close a high window that the wind had blown open, the storm was getting worse. After closing the window I returned to my wife and by now the thunder and lightning had started and I had to convince my wife that she wouldn’t get electrocuted just because she was on a monitor, but she still didn’t believe me.

The storm was getting worse by the minute, the wind and rain was beating against the large old hospital windows and we joked that the baby was likely to be a boy and the storm was welcoming the antichrist and that we should call him Damien after the child in the horror film The Omen!
Unfortunately a nurse came in and said that I had to leave and despite my pleas to let me stay, she stood firm like an old British matron.

The drive home was scary, the windscreen wipers couldn’t handle the amount of rain that was hitting the window and the roads were awash with water as the drains couldn’t cope. As I drove round the back of the airport there was a queue of traffic, the lights were flashing to warn of an aircraft taking off but I knew that there was no way any aircraft was taking off in that weather and so I just drove round them and they all followed, it turns out that the air traffic control tower had been hit by lightning and had caused chaos with their systems. I made it home, I was soaked though because I had to open the window when at a junction to see if it was okay to pull out, but at least I was home safely.

Back then we didn’t all have mobile phones and so I had no way to communicate with my wife, we only had one phone and that was in the lounge and so I decided to sleep on the settee in case the call came to tell me that my wife was in full labour.
The call did come but it wasnt until 6am, luckily the rain had stopped and I made the dash towards the hospital, my wife was now in one of the delivery rooms and I was worried that I was going to miss the birth of our second child, I was also worried because the birth of our first child was far from straight forward and I nearly lost my wife and daughter and so I ran (I could back then) into the hospital at full speed.

I shouldn’t have worried, my daughter wasn’t born until 2.35 that afternoon.

Back to today, she is 21 years old and a mother. I have never really had to worry about her because she is more than able to take care of herself in life and anyone that decides to upset her, does so at their own risk. My little girls are now grown up and I’m a Gramps, people tell you to make the most of every minute because they grow up so fast and they have, we are a very close family but I miss my little girls, if that makes sense?

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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