I’m not a night person, I have never been able to work night shifts and when I tried it would make me physically sick. I’m fortunate that I have always been a heavy sleeper and I get to sleep very easily and I have the ability to be able to fall asleep anywhere and this is even when my pain levels are high, the pain wakes me but I tend to fall asleep again and then get woken again, unless of course the pain is ridiculously high.

Tonight I was in one of those deep sleeps when something woke me, I’m not very coherent when I’m woken up and so it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I then realised that my wife wasn’t beside me, in fact she was stood at the end of the bed stroking my foot and trying to get me fully awake, she was doing this because our grandson was unwell and so I got into my wheelchair and followed her to his room.

He has asthma, he is only eight months old but he is so good at taking his inhaler and he smiles as you put the mask piece over his mouth and he tries to help you press down the pump action. They had already given him his inhaler but he didn’t sound very good, he was all husky and coughing and so I laid him down to see how he was breathing. Babies and children who are having an asthma attack will breath using their stomach muscles if they are struggling to breath and he was doing it a little but not so much that I was really worried, however he didn’t sound right and its not worth the risk in a child of that age and so I am laid here blogging whilst my wife and daughter have taken him to A&E (ER) and the dog wasn’t happy that they were going out at this time and so he is asleep under the blankets.


I hate not knowing what is going on but my pain levels are high after a week of satisfying moderate levels and so me going as well wasn’t an option. The problem is that now I am actually awake and in that night time period where i don’t take any meds for 12 hours, the pain is taking full advantage of the situation and its attacking. Of course I realise that the pain isn’t attacking and I’m just tired, awake and so I’m feeling it and so its lucky that like most chronic pain patients I have something to hand, oramorph. Yep the mouth drying pain killer that leaves me guzzling litres of water, but it works (ish) and so I use it.

I think my grandson most likely has croup, however it’s not worth risking not getting him checked out when he’s asthma. My daughter was a similar age when she had an asthma attack and we didn’t realise how bad it was, luckily when we took her to A&E a nurse realised straight away and grabbed her off us and ran with her to the resus room and put her on a nebuliser and a little while after that she was okay.

Anyway instead of lying awake worrying about what’s happening, I’m going to take advantage of my ability to go from awake to snoring in seconds, I will post an update in the morning!


He does have croup but because he had asthma it caused him to have trouble breathing, so they gave him some steroids and monitored him for a couple of hours. Even though he was unwell, he sat there smiling at the nurses throughout.
We can’t let our government destroy our NHS, its an amazing service.

By Zechariah Richardson

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