A second early morning in a row, but probably not what you consider early!

8am is the time I was woken up, a morning cuppa with my first set of meds and a digestive biscuit. My mum was popping round because this Sunday is mothers day but she is away for the weekend and that is why she is over today at 11am.
Visitors always wear me out and I find the conversation and extra noise difficult, at 1.00 two extra visitors arrive and the sound levels increase. Don’t get me wrong I’m sociable and contribute fairly to the noise. Towards the end I start to lag and the visit feels like an intrusion, obviously I try not to show it because people tend interpret my fatigue as a sign of ignorance or anger.

So it’s 3.30 or at least it was when I started to blog, my house is now…….actually no, I was going to say returned to a peaceful state but I have a wife, two daughters and a 5 month grandson and so its rarely peaceful but it’s back to normal. I feel like I’m about to fall asleep, my brain is lagging and yet it’s a long time until bed and so I am making loads of corrections to this post and my brain is struggling to think of the right words, you might be wondering why I’m not resting up instead of blogging, the answer is I don’t know!

Mental fatigue is horrible, I can feel my brain slowly fogging up and I know that looking at this screen isn’t helpful at all but I have never been very good at listening to my body and knowing when to say enough! I can and have pushed myself to the point where I end up unable to think and a real mess, my speech gets muddled and I feel almost flu like. Fortunately my wife does know when I’ve had enough and she has just shouted “get off your tablet”

Edit: I pressed share and went straight to bed and an hour or so, much needed.

Until next time!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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