A while back I wrote about how I wanted to take my wife on a Spa break, she cares for me without a word of complaint and its been many years since we had a break, but I was hesitant because of concerns about accessibility and feeling conscious of being disabled.

Well I contacted a spa and asked questions about accessibility and treatments and booked us in for a two night stay, its extravagant but it’s the least I can do for my wife. Obviously she still has me there and so it won’t be a total break for her but we are really looking forward to going.

The original blog has received a decent amount of views but what pleased me was the comments and the discussion that followed, I heard a story of one guy driving hours to a spa that was advertised as being accessible, but on arrival he found out it was far from being accessible and many other disabled people have expressed a desire to go to a spa but also feel like they would feel conscious about their disability.

We're going to a spa!


I have arranged to meet with the Spa manager to talk about the disability and Spa breaks and I’m also going to be talking to one of their senior therapists about spa treatments and how they have to be tailored to suit people with different disabilities and health conditions. I also will have a tape measure in my wheelchair bag to measure door widths, the accessible bedrooms have hand rails but no hoist system and so at this point I would say they are semi accessible.

I have been looking into what I can and can’t do and I was looking forward to a sauna but because I wear a Buprenorphine patch, I can’t, apparently if the patch gets too hot it releases too much of the drug. Some health conditions mean you can’t use a spa bath and even have a massage and so its worth researching these things because I very much doubt that the Spa advises on this.

I am really looking forward to the break and writing about the stay, until then I just need to rest up and make sure I’m okay as can be for the break.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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