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Wedding Anniversary!

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Today marks our 21st wedding anniversary and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart, it’s been a happy 21 years!


It’s weird to think that 27 years ago I was single, well when I say single I mean I was seeing a few girls and had no intention of being in a serious relationship!

However whilst at a friend’s house (a girl), I saw a girl sat there and enquired about her, however I was told she was just starting to date someone and so I didn’t bother.

Donna was the sister of a girl who shared a flat with a girl I was seeing, any way being a gentleman I offered her a lift home one night and when she went to get out of the car, she kissed me.

26 years later we have two daughters aged 23 and 21, a grandson who is 22 months old and another grandchild on the way. Life has been hard but with Donna by my side its been amazing, I was lucky to have met ‘the one’, the love of my life and I am still in love with her like I was back then, I still look at her and have to smile!




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