A couple of night ago as we turned of the television ready for bed we heard a noise, “what’s that?” asked my wife “it’s Jaspers biscuits” and she was right. Something was eating our dogs food, you could hear the noise as it disturbed the biscuits in his bowl and so we tried to sneak up and see, but it’s not easy to sneak up on a mouse and especially hard in a wheelchair.

We had proof last night when we left just one piece of the dogs dry food in the bowl and went to bed, this morning it was gone and so we need a plan. Now I love all things that walk and crawl, well except for the horse, that is a creature that is evil. Anyway we need a plan, my daughter said we should use a humane trap, but at our last house we tried that and it failed and so we had to resort to the old tried and tested basic Acme mouse trap. I feel bad because it’s only trying to survive but we can’t have mice running about the kitchen, they apparently have no useful bladder and just dribble urine as they go around and I don’t want that. So it looks as though we will have to do something that we don’t really want to and trap these little invaders.

Now I know that many people will be furious, but please let me tell you that I’m not happy doing it. At one property our cat would bring in these little shrew like creatures that for some reason had decided our lawn was home. I would retrieve them and release them back into the garden, we even had a small perspex enclosure that we would keep them in if they were in shock or injured and feed them and when they were okay we would let them go again. I even caught our cat with a mouse that it had bought into the house, it was in a real state but I cleaned it up and made it a home and looked after it for about a week and it survived. So this situation is very frustrating, I won’t poison because I don’t want it (or them) to suffer, humane traps as I said before failed before and we tried so hard to get them to work. I can’t risk an infestation of mice and I can’t risk having wiring chewed because fires have started like that in many homes.


Three so far. 🙁

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

3 thought on “We are not alone!”
  1. They are little nightmares with wiggly noses! Your story insured me to write about my experience with the furry critters. It is still draft at the moment and very rough. If I have time I will get it posted on Wednesday. I will link yours to it so you will know when it is posted.

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