When I have reviewed beard shampoo or soap I have always mentioned about the Essex water, but why do I worry about Water quality and Beards!

The water properties from our taps varies throughout the UK, here in Essex we have very hard water and that is obvious when you look inside the kettle and see the amount of Lime scale that has built up.

Not only does this affect the heating elements in our household appliances, it also affects the products we use and our hair. Hard water has dissolved calcium ions and magnesium ions and these react with the soap to form scum, so more soap is needed. Soapless detergents however do not form scum with hard water and so the more natural products are often better for our beards when washing.

When we look at hair under a microscope you can see that the hair is far from smooth, it’s almost like scales.


When we wash our hair, our beards in hard water these scale like pieces stand up and makes our beards feel rough and the beard will actually tangle more and this make sit also harder to rinse out shampoo and soap!

I live in Essex, the water is hard, it’s very hard and its a nightmare for our hair. When I lived in Wales with my grandmother the water came via a collection box in the nearby stream and the water was beautiful, my mum always said her hair never felt so good and it also tastes so much better!

Here in Essex the water is 201 – 300 mg/l as Calcium Carbonate and yet if we take the area where Tactical Beard Care is for example its 0- 50 mg/l and so that lucky Welsh bugger will have a lovely soft tangle free beard!

So instead of blaming you beard for being tangled and harsh, maybe it is actually the water you are using to wash your beard with. So I am afraid it’s either a move to a soft area water, wash your hair in a soft bottled water or install water softeners into your plumbing!



By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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