Virgin Media TV should you choose them over Sky?

In short the answer is no!

TiVo Box

Now I will admit that Virgin Media broadband is amazing, it’s the reason I signed up with them in the first place. Their TV is in a totally different league however, the TiVo box is so slow and it makes watching TV very frustrating. I have phoned them many times about this and they have asked me to press certain buttons in a sequence to turn features off and speed it up, but still TiVo is so bad that I want to take a hammer to it!


So last October when my contract was up I had a decision to make and I decided to have Virgin Broadband and Sky TV, after all we have had Sky for the last 18 years and it has only gotten better. The box sets on Sky are very impressive and when I searched Virgins offering of box sets I was very very disappointed.

So when I contacted Virgin Media to let them know that I would be dropping their TV service but keeping the Broadband, they told me that they agreed that their TV service was not as good as it should be, that they had ignored the TV and focused on the Broadband and that this was being rectified. I was promised that they were improving the UI (User Interface) on the TiVo Box and that the TV viewing experience would be vastly improved and so I trusted them and renewed the contract for Broadband and TV.

Tivo 6

I was on the old www a couple of days ago when I saw an advert for the new and improved TiVo 6, it boasted a speed of 10x more powerful than old TiVo box amongst a feast of other features.

So I was happy that I wouldn’t have to suffer a slow and frustrating User Interface any more, unlike Sky the box is rented to customers and not owned and so I looked into it a bit more and then……..

I found out that they wanted me to pay for the box!

I was confused, why pay, I rent the box as part of my Virgin Media package and I was also angry that the new and improved TV I was promised when I signed the contract was now not an option for me. I am disabled, I have left the house once this year and less than fifteen times last year, so TV is important to me,it helps to distract from the pain that I have 24/7 and whilst it is pricey, I don’t drink smoke or socialise and this is my luxury. So that means that I have to keep paying for a poor service using a TV box that is slow and frustrating.

So my advice is this, if you want a television package, choose Sky!

They never once let us down, the only downside is that you own the box and so any faults can be a problem but we only had two problems with a Sky box in all those years. I am going to try to cancel my Virgin Media TV contract early, they made a promise that they haven’t kept and they made no mention of having to pay out for a new box to get the new and improved TV as promised.



By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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