I don’t like wearing shoes or trainers, I have always been more comfortable bare foot!

I used to finish work and immediately kick off my shoes in the car and throw them and my socks on the passenger seat and drive home, the feeling of being barefoot was freedom.

I even once travelled to Spain barefoot, my trainers tied to the belt loop of my jeans, okay they were dungarees but it was the 80’s and I was barefoot on the way to the airport, in the airport and on the plane.

Back then there was no other option, there wasn’t footwear that gave me that sense of freedom but for the past ten years I have worn the Vibram FiveFingers Classics and it’s good enough for me!

Barefoot Junkie logo

In the UK you can purchase the Vibrams from Barefoot Junkie and I highly recommend them. It is said that over 80% of websites offering Vibrams are selling counterfeit products so by buying in the UK from Barefoot Junkie, you are guaranteed a genuine product!

My first pair of Vibrams Classics were a birthday present from my daughters, back then I was still able to get around using crutches.

That was 10 years ago and now I have a new pair, thank you to Barefoot Junkie for sending them!

It took a while to get used to the sensation of wearing them and Vibrams recommend building up using them slowly but once I had, it was as good as being barefoot for me!

In fact I have noticed a massive difference wearing this new pair of Vibrams, it takes a while like any shoe to get used tothem and for them to soften up.

When you wear Vibram FiveFingers you feel a connection to the ground and you will benefit from your feet having that connection. Many years ago I would run barefoot even on tarmac and paved surfaces, if I had the Vibrams back then, it would have been the best thing ever and my feet would have been a lot cleaner!

Obviously we have evolved to be barefoot, our feet and our toes helping us to grip. Our feet flexing over rough terrain to not only provide grip but also provide feedback on the terrain.

When we wear shoes or trainers, we lose that input and we lose the ability to grip with our toes and this is where the Vibrams come in!

I wear the Classics which are lightweight and slipper like but the Vibram FiveFingers come in various models for different activities.

So whether it’s running, climbing, kayaking or just for the gym or everyday wear, I highly recommend giving the Vibram FiveFingers a try, your feet will thank you!

Vibram FiveFingers sole and grip

The grip on the Vibrams is incredible, even on a tiled and wet floor the grip is perfect plus the fact that your feet are free to flex and you can grip using your toes.

Vibram FiveFinger Classics from Barefoot Junkie

Now it is true that I no longer am able to walk, but the Vibrams still have benefits for me, the snug fit gives compression and actually cuts down the pain in my feet!

They also help when I am transferring from wheelchair to seat, toilet, shower and mean that my risk of slipping is reduced.

They are lightweight and comfortable and once you start wearing them, you will wonder why you have worn restrictive footwear all this time!

It is guaranteed that when I am out and wearing the Vibrams, which is all of the time, I am going to be asked “what are they on your feet?”

Many of my hospital appointments have contained discussions about my Vibrams and why do I wear them?

Watch the video below where Paul Mumford explains why he wears the Vibram FiveFingers.


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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