Way back in 2008 we had a Philips TV that had built in backlighting, it was a neat little feature but we didn’t really use it.

Backlighting kits are now becoming popular and they range from a very simple LED strip up to systems that can detect the changes of colour on the TV screen and adapt the lighting to that or to the room itself.

The USB LED TV 2m Backlight Strip light Kit from Nexillumi Direct EU via Amazon isn’t the most basic of TV backlights and it isn’t one of the top of the range systems and costs £11.99 or you can get a 3 metre kit for £13.99 and 4 metre for £17.99.

USB LED TV 2m Backlight Strip light Kit

The light strip arrives in a small square box as pictured at the top of this review and is wound as in the above photo.

The 2 metre kit is 4 x 50cm strips that are connected to each other via a flexible cable and at the end is a USB connector.

I decided the best layout for our TV would be one strip up either side with two strips running along the top.

Make sure to clean the rear of your TV before sticking the lights on and also check to make sure that you have the USB connector at the right end to plug in.

On the rear of my TV the inputs area is a cutaway meaning I had to span that area without sticking that portion of lights on and so left that area with the covering still on the adhesive strip.

It says that it is 3M adhesive, however the red plastic covering on the kit I received didn’t have any 3M markings and so I cannot confirm that that is the case, however since applying the light strips to my TV almost 2 weeks ago, they have stayed firmly put!

Although I was doubtful of these light having a purpose other than being aesthetically pleasing, the lights do help to reduce eye strain and it makes for a nicer viewing experience.

Once connected to the TV the USB LED TV Backlight Strip light Kit is controlled via Bluetooth. You just have to download the HappyLighting from the app store on your device.

The first page on the app allows you to select a preset colour or to use a colour wheel to adjust the colour yourself, it is said that the Light Strip has 16 millions colour possibilities.

The second page as you swipe is where you can select music from your device and the lights will change with the music. Next is where the app uses the microphone in your device to listen and it changes the lights according to that. On the style page you can select from preset settings such as Pulsating Rainbow or various colours and even Strobe. The final page is a timer for the lights.

I have just stuck to the first page, I found that the app listening in just produced a random and pointless colour change that didn’t look great. The Style page might be useful if you had a party or you were high and I just could not get the timer to work at all.

The lights aren’t very powerful but they manage to light the wall behind our TV during the day, our TV isn’t wall mounted as you can see from the photos I posted and a wall mounted TV would make the wall better illuminated.

Our lounge is North facing and so it isn’t a very bright room!

The lights don’t switch off when we turn our TV to standby and when I turn them off via the app, they for some reason come back on a few minutes later. This however is likely due to some settings within our TV.

We now actually power down the TV at night via the button on the TV rather than just leaving it in standby to make sure the lights don’t then come back on.

That being said I don’t dislike this product at all, in fact I really like these backlights and it has vastly improved my TV viewing experience and for the price, well it is worth every penny of the £11.99!

I think these would also look good behind the monitor of a TV or you could place them under a kitchen cabinet, under your bed or even under shelving as long as you can plug the USB connector in.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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