Suppose I told you that I was in debt, I couldn’t pay my bills, feed my family and we were cutting back so much that it was having adverse affects on the family!

What if I then told you that I was giving some of our money away to several other families to help them?

You would like anyone else, advise me to stop looking after those other families and look after my own!

So why is the UK doing exactly this?

The NHS is struggling, there are talks of down grading the A&E where we live and no matter what the government tells us, this will result in the loss of lives. Our NHS is about 2.5 Billion pounds in debt, possibly more as this figure is from 2016. Now 2.5 billion pounds sounds unreal, how can we ever save it?

Well in 2015 we gave Africa as a continent 2.54 billion pounds in aid!

That’s the NHS saved!

The government is making cut backs left right and centre, now I will hold my hands up and say that I am not an expert on this, but I am a citizen of the UK and like everybody else I am worried, heck I’m scared.

Cut backs to an already failing NHS, cut backs to local councils and Police, Fire etc. Cut backs to disability benefits with the bullshit reason of its to encourage us back to work. Well I am sorry but many of us just cannot go back to work (sorry already had that rant).

Everywhere we look there are cut backs and failing services, your nearest A&E could be downgraded and so when you need one, it’s suddenly another 30 minutes drive or even further, of course that is if you are lucky to get an ambulance sent to you quick enough. We hear on the TV about ‘The Golden Hour’ where they have the best chance of saving your life and now all of a sudden that isn’t important any more?

In 2015 there was 30 million pounds in unpaid bills from overseas visitors, people genuinely falling ill or having an accident whilst here and those that come to the UK with an existing problem and use our NHS to get treated before buggering off back to their own country!

So if we are struggling to keep the citizens of the UK safe because of cut backs, because we are in debt. Why are we giving away so much money to other countries and please don’t take this that I am harsh an unsympathetic. This is just a discussion starter, I personally think that we should give aid to some countries!

In 2015 we gave in aid;

£351.4m to Pakistan

£334.1m to Ethiopia

£253.5m to Nigeria

£213.8m to Sierra Leone

£205.2m to South Sudan

£201.6m to Syrian Arab Republic

£199.7 to Tanzania

£199.6m to Afghanistan

£157.5m to Bangladesh

£150.4m to India – In December 2014 India launched a rocket with an estimated cost of £250 million


Also last year, the government said it had spent £900m on helping some of the four million refugees who have fled Syria since the war began.

So the question is this

Should the UK be sending foreign when it can’t really afford to?

Should the UK look after its own first?


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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