Trusted Beard Barbers

After hearing and seeing photos of bearded guys who had their beards ruined by barbers, I decided to set up the ‘Trusted Beard Barbers’ map. It is run by me through ‘Guardians of the Beard’ Facebook group.

It’s all very well seeing a sign that says Beard Trimming but the best way to decide who to trust with your beard is recommendations.

After all you have spent all this time growing a beard that you are proud of, so why risk trusting someone who has only trimmed short beards. Once they have taken a lump out there is no going back.

If you can recommend a barber then send me a message via the contact form below and I will get them added to the map, also please feel free to share the link so we can get as many worldwide ‘Trusted Beard Barbers’ as we can.

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