I keep hearing The Tories can’t lose! Why, who would vote Conservative?

I really don’t understand how the people of the United Kingdom can vote for them, well except those that are immensely rich and benefiting from the tax fraud and getting richer from scams like the Royal Mail sell off and possibly the NHS privatisation.

The Tories can't lose! Why, who would vote Conservative?

For me and people I know, it’s scary to think about them getting voted in again. The welfare cuts and the scrapping of DLA has affected so many people. The Tories claim it’s for the benefit of disabled people, it’s to help them get into work and yet I have heard of a few people who have lost a job or had to quit because they had their Motability car taken away and couldn’t then get to work.

NHS privitisation

Our NHS is something to be proud of, it was set up for the people of our nation and yet people who have private healthcare are trying to purposely crash it. The NHS is facing harsh cuts and then the people who implement those cuts, they then criticise the failings of the NHS that are caused by those cuts.

To lose the NHS would be a tragedy, it is the worst case scenario and the claims that privatisation would benefit us is just crap. Privatisation is to make the rich even richer and make us suffer even more and this scares me as much as the welfare reforms and maybe more so.

Tory fraud

When Theresa May announced the general election that she said wouldn’t happen, many people including Nicola Sturgeon claimed it was a smoke screen for the fraud investigation against them. Today the CPS are set to decide whether any of the Tories will face charges and I think it’s a safe bet to safe “no”, because they get away with everything and that includes being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people due to unfair welfare cuts and sanctions.

Fox hunting

People are now taking to social media to vent about the Tories plan to scrap the laws that prevent fox-hunting. I am against fox-hunting and even if the species needed culling, why do it on horseback, dressed like a pratt and allowing a pack of hounds to rip the fox to pieces. Let’s face it, this is about a jolly day out for the posh brigade.

I do however wonder why they can ignore the treatment of the disabled and yet get outraged at this. Yes we should speak out and try to stop the reintroduction of fox-hunting but the Tories must be accountable for all of their despicable actions.

The BBC don't report fairly

Of course in a fair nation, we should be aware of all that the Tories have and are doing, but our media is biased. The BBC are so pro Tory that they never report on anything negative and choose to highlight the failings of the other parties to hide the Tory screw ups and cuts. I understand to a degree with newspapers but we pay our licence fee and the BBC is therefore owned by the British people and so it should be neutral when reporting on politics.

So please don’t vote Conservative, don’t trust what you see on the News or read in a paper. Get online and see the truth, see how the Tories are screwing us to satisfy themselves.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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