With so many beard oils on the market, it is difficult to know which to buy, the following are my recommendation on the Top 5 Beard Oils You Should Buy!

But that is where my reviews come in handy, I have reviewed over 220 beard oils and the following are my favourites!

The following 5 beard oils will leave your beard feeling softer and looking good but they also help to keep the skin under the beard moisturised and helps to eliminate beard itch, beardruff and can even help to stop spots under the beard hair.

Also importantly these brands have had their products assessed and approved for sale in the EU, this is important and vital that you check before buying from brands that they have this!

So here are the Top 5 Beard Oils You Should Buy!

Balbo Beard Co – #5 Beard Oil

Balbo Beard Co #5 Beard Oil


Balbo Beard Co is a brand that consistently delivers, in my opinion you can’t go wrong buying from this brand!

Balbo’s #5 beard oil has a scent blend of Patchouli, Pure Sicilian Bergamot & Sandalwood.

This is in a base of Grapeseed, Jojoba and Argan carrier oils and it is a firm favourite among many of the members of ‘Guardians of the Beard‘.

This is basically as good as beard oils get!




Mariner Jack – Newfoundland

Mariner Jack 'Newfoundland' Beard Oil


Cornish Brand Mariner Jack is a very popular beard care brand, they offer like all of my top brands, all natural and small batch beard care.

The Newfoundland beard oil has a scent blend of Neroli, patchouli and pine needle that is perfectly blended and simply put is bloody amazing!

The base is made up using Argan, Sweet Almond & Jojoba Seed carrier oils.






Beardpilot – Spicer

Beardpilot Spice Beard Oil


Danish brand Beardpilot is one of my favourites not just because of the quality of the products.

Beardpilot has the most incredible branding that is styled after Lord Flashheart “Woof!”

I adore this scent, it is a blend of  Orange, Lemon and Cinnamon bark and the scent is a beautiful sweet citrus with just the right level of spice.

I tested it way back in June 2016 but I still have some left and it is still as good two years on!




Superfurry – Beard Polisher

Superfurry The 40 Crooks Beard Polisher


Now technically the Beard Polisher from Superfurry is not an oil, owner Ivan calls it an oil in a jar but I highly recommend it!

Contained in a massive 175ml jar the Beard Polisher at first had me doubtful, it looked greasy. But using a small amount leaves your beard softer than the heart of the Superfurry brand owner and creator!

I used the ‘The 40 Crooks of Ali Baba’ and the ‘Ray of Light’ scents that have the most complex scent blends that are just perfect!


Braw Beard Oil – The Arctic Explorer 1813

Review of Braw The Arctic Explorer 1813 Beard Oil


Scottish brand Braw Beards ‘The Arctic Explorer’ is a fresh scent blend of Ylang Ylang,  Peppermint & Cypress.

The base of Hemp seed, Jojoba seed, Argan &  Vit E has created a heavier than normal oil that I really loved and cannot recommend highly enough!

Braw are one of the big beard care brand names and have a big following and rightly so.

Without a doubt the beard care market is saturated and more brands pop up every week, but very few actually achieve the standards that Braw has achieved


That is my recommendation on the Top 5 Beard Oils You Should Buy!

Your beard will thank you!

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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