Yes that’s right, I have been Threatened with action over a beard oil review!

Here is the review

Now I review honestly and of course all the reviews are my opinion, couple that with the fact that they sent the oil to me for a review and it’s just ridiculous.

So what has been said?

Message received Sat 10th March at 12.47pm

The claim that I continue to repost the review is laughable, I am always sharing and reposting my reviews and blogs, if I fail to do that, I notice a drop in website traffic! As for submitting the oil for a personal review, well Beard Spunk knew who I am what I do and this is them desperately trying to wriggle out of it!

So I posted about this on Guardians of the Beard to get the opinion of the guys and also shared it on my reviews page, after all we should always be prepared for the fact that we are wrong, that we have made a mistake and that’s okay, we are human and we mess up occasionally.

However the overwhelming response and opinion is that as I knew, I am entitled to my opinion!

Beard Spunk are understandably not happy with the review, they have marketed a product and they hoped it would be a good product. The thing to do would be to listen and act, make changes because the truth is that the Beard Spunk oil was just a bottle of Argan oil with Black Pepper essential oils to scent and yet was at the time priced at £14.

I have tested and reviewed over 300 beard care products, beard care isn’t cheap and that is because we pay for the time, effort and skill that most brands put into creating a base blend of various carrier oils chosen for their various benefits. Then added to that is a blend of essential oils chosen for scent and their benefits and that can be an expensive process.

They tried saying that they chose quality over using multiple oils, but the good brands do both and it shows in the final product!

So I now wait to see if they do set their ‘legal team’ upon me (they didn’t), but the truth is that their response to my review has been far more damaging than what I said in the review. Tesla tried to sue Jeremy Clarkson over his opinions of their car and lost, you can see that here. Hopefully they save the crap and just focus on making an oil that is decent.

As for asking me to cease using their logo, well I am not using it to sell, build a business or try to copy them. I’m entitled to do so in my reviews.


The latest attempt at intimidation by Beard Spunk is to file a trademark complaint with YouTube over the review, the claim is that my use of their logo in the review is logo infringement. Of course this isn’t the case, when they reported it, they would have seen the YouTube legal policies on logos and trademarks as below.

Using someone else’s trademark in a username, tags, or the title of your video does not necessarily constitute infringement. However, if there is content on your profile or video that would confuse viewers into believing that the trademark owner created or sponsors your page or content, then the trademark owner’s rights may be infringed. In these cases, we may remove the content in question, so it’s important to be sensitive to other people’s trademark rights when choosing a username or adding metadata to your videos.

So then they try to play the part of being the victim!

It really is laughable that they think it is okay to threaten legal action and then find it surprising that I then make a stand by using social media to expose their bullying! It is far too easy for people with money to think they can intimidate by threatening legal action, they hope that because we don’t have the money to defend ourselves, that we will just comply. Social media is a powerful tool and it is an amazing tool to showcase this type of intimidation, by sharing the threats its lets the world know the morals of the brand owners.

Beard Spunk

My advice and opinion for the Beard Spunk owners is, create an oil that is worth buying and chalk it up as experience!

My advice to guys looking for beard care is avoid this brand, I have posted reviews where I didn’t like the products on many occasions and many have responded in a civil manner and changed their products for the better.

Check out my favourite brands and products!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

6 thought on “Threatened with legal action over a beard oil review”
  1. It would be interesting to see if they have done their homework and have valid Cosmetic Safety Assessment reports in place for each product.

  2. Having watched a lot of your reviews I can’t see what they are whining about. You said it’s ok which is all it is ok it’s just that. Paying that much for argon oil and essential oil is too much they are what seems a greedy company trying to sell oils and crap I don’t want No I don’t want a bracelet
    When it comes to complaints I wonder if they have permission from Ben Afleck or how about the image of Rick in the walking dead I’m sure they are breaching copywrite.
    Anyway just because you didn’t lie and say they are amazing they cry like spoilt children
    Well done on telling the truth to be honest you have been to kind seeing the bullying they are obviously try to pressure you.
    Keep the reviews coming please

  3. And that wasn’t even a bad review. More like a mediocre one… this product is meh, I’ll take it or leave it. But if you say you are going to give an honest review, they should understand that.

  4. What a bunch of muggy nonsense. Ridiculous they’ve threatened legal. Keep doing ur reviews and don’t listen to their rubbish.

  5. Being ‘a lady’ I have no interest in your beard oil reviews but notification of this caught my eye and I read it, and now looking forward to hearing what happens next (hopefully nothing!). But then I took a quick look at your other posts and noticed the reviews if disability related products, which does interest me. I love the Muggi, you are so right on all the points. I shall be buying one soon as. Didn’t have time to read about the fancy kettle but we have just replaced our Vectra kettle which is a godsend to me because it’s cool to touch so I can use two hands to pick it up and pour 🙂

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