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Oh boy were the grandkids happy when I got a delivery from The Ubiquitous Sweet!

I had to actually fight them off, but I won.

Yes The Ubiquitous Sweet who you can find on Facebook are a sweet delivery service, my dreams have come true!

They are based in Ayrshire and offer local delivery, postage is also available starting at £3.

The Ubiquitous Sweet price list

I was asked to pick 30 types of sweet and that is just a small selection of what The Ubiquitous Sweet offers and as you can see the price list above.

They also personalise all items with printed message, ribbons with a choice of colours and a flower sticker and you can also add a vinyl message for an extra fee.

So these are great ideas not only for a treat but also for birthday gifts or as favours for a party or wedding.

The Ubiquitous Sweet price list

I love the ‘old school’ type of sweets and every now and then we get a shop pop up locally that sells them but unfortunately they never seems to last long and I guess that is because the price of rent and rates have to be added in to the prices.

So being able to order from a business like The Ubiquitous Sweet is perfect and it is very handy to be able to order online.

The Ubiquitous Sweet

Also the wide range of sweets meant that I chose some sweets that I normally wouldn’t.

And this led to an error by me!

Our 5 year old grandson asked for a sweet and I dipped into them and said “not sure what this is, it looks like a cherry ball”

It wasn’t and I wish I had filmed his reaction because it was in fact a Hot Chilli Strawberry and it is okay, he has forgiven me or forgotten about it!

The Ubiquitous Sweet

Go and check out The Ubiquitous Sweet, because even though this is a review, there is not much more that I can say other than they are a sweet delivery service and it is a great idea for a gift or party favours.

Oh I guess I should pick out a negative about this.

They didn’t last very long!

Thank you very much to Sarah for sending the sweets

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