I sit and look in the mirror, my brain is telling me that I am still young and yet my reflection betrays that thought.

I see the years in my face and yet it doesn’t bother me, the signs of age do not concern me!

Firefighter BA training RAF Manston Chalk Tunnels Ramsgate

Back when the photo above was taken, I thought very differently. I was, not vain but I took great pride in my appearance and thought that I would not want to become old and by old I meant 50 plus.

I placed looks over anything else when choosing girlfriends and now I look back I know that I passed up a few lovely girls because they didn’t meet my standards or rather the standards of those around me and that mattered.

I did get lucky and it was luck, my wife is a gem and has such a good heart and almost 30 years on and I am still so in love with her!

If someone had come up to me and shown me a photo of me now and said this was my future, I would have been horrified at what I saw before me.

But now I don’t think that way, I wear the signs of age as a trophy of my survival, because my good friend Mark in the photo above stood next to me, well he didn’t make it this far!

We were in our early teens in that photo on holiday in Cornwall and returning from a mackerel fishing trip.

And many more who I was friends with when I was young have not made it this far.

So I can’t complain that I am looking old, because I know looking old and ageing is a privilege and I will wear my age with pride!

It amuses when I see the rich and the famous who have turned to plastic surgery to fight the signs of ageing. Almost every one looks ridiculous and far worse than if they had just let nature take its course. Rigid faces frozen without expression or smooth taut skin that looks unnatural with a neck that looks 100 years older.

If only they could learn to be happy with their looks without turning to a poisons or a scalpel to try and reverse what is after all only a natural process!

I would love to end up with a face that shows the years, wrinkles and all and I would be so proud to look like that, it would be a sign that I have lived a long life.

After all I am a gramps and I have to look old and withered!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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