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The older you get, the more your health worries you!

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Exactly that The older you get, the more your health worries you!

I was diagnosed with CFS in ’97 after being admitted into hospital in Dec ’96 and then moved to cardiac care and then transferred to the London Chest Hospital intensive cardiac care unit.

Since then whenever I have a flare up, I get cardiac changes that are almost like a heart attack even with the inverted T waves showing on the ECG.

T Wave

It’s never nice and I have had a few angiograms and been in A&E on quite a few occasions as they tell me to always get it checked out just in case. I don’t however get it checked every time I get the chest pains, I don’t want to be always going to A&E and I also feel like I am wasting their time.

Inverted T Wave

I always warn them before they do the ECG that there will most likely be changes to the T wave and to promise not to go into full on “he’s having a heart attack mode” but they always do and I usually just have to wait for the blood tests that check on cardiac enzymes and that is repeated again an hour or so later.

To me this has not been a worry, it is just something that happens and yet the older I get, the more it has become something that does become more worrying.

Yesterday I started getting chest pains, it got worse as the day went on and in the evening my wife went out to see a show and so I kept it to myself. When the door closed and I was alone, I did start to feel very worried and very alone, a battle in my mind of its okay, it’s not okay.

I worry now about my health and that isn’t helped by the NHS crisis, I always felt safe knowing that if I needed to, I could go to our hospital and feel safe. That has changed, the angiogram suite at our hospital has been shut and so patients have to go to another hospital if needed and without a doubt, that will cost lives!

Also Accident and Emergency departments are struggling as is the whole of the NHS and that scares the s#!t out of me, its bad enough being in chronic pain and as crazy as it sounds, the last place you want to be when you are in pain is in the hospital laid on the uncomfortable trolleys. As well as the CFS I have something that has gone wrong with my nervous system and the pain in my legs is always high and so that is made worst sat waiting to be seen or laid on the trolley.

The chest pains continue today, but for now I choose to just medicate and ride it out!

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