We have been sent a range of The Mosquito Company Products for review.

DEET or Diethyltoluamide is the most commonly used ingredient in most Mosquito repellents, it is in fact considered to be the most effective repellent and even though the little buggers still land on you, it somehow blocks their ability to feed on you!

However there have been health concerns over this chemical and there is also now scientific proof that the mosquito’s are now able to overcome this repellent and feed on you several hours after coming in contact with DEET.

Now people are more and more looking for natural products and this is where The Mosquito Company comes in!

Our unique formula repels mosquitos by masking scents that are attractive to insects namely Carbon Dioxide and Lactic Acid. It does this by identifying and blocking the receptors that are responsible for detecting these chemicals. Letting you relax off the menu.   Another benefit of using TMC formula is that it is 100% safe and non-toxic to humans, animals and even the insects themselves. We all want to do our part for the environment so hopefully within the next 5 years together we can switch from environmentally harmful deet bases pesticides to a cleaner smarter form of protection.


The Mosquito Company sent me through some of their products in February and we had to wait for the warmer weather to give them a proper road test.

We gave them to family members to make sure we got a good range of people testing them from a 1 year old to a 70 year old and all we could do then was sit outside and see if we became a feast or not!

The Mosquito Company Review

In the UK the warmer weather has meant that mosquitos are now more of problem, we have 36 native mosquito species that do not transmit disease but now there are some species that are able to survive in the UK that could transmit disease.

But if you are going abroad, then the risk of disease from the little buggers is more of a problem from Zika, West Nile virus, malaria and many more nasties you really don’t want to get!

In our family we range from me who very rarely gets bitten and I never normally use repellent to my wife who seems to be an all you can eat mosquito banquet and our grandson who gets bitten and reacts very badly and often needs antibiotics to sort the following infection.

The grandkids were drawn to the colourful coiled bracelets, initially they had them on their wrist by our grandson ended up with his on his ankle and our granddaughter used hers as a hair band.

Me and my daughter wore the leather style bracelets and we put a sticker on our one year old granddaughter whilst my wife used the spray.

The Mosquito Company repellent stickers
3 year old granddaughter couldn’t resist the repellent stickers with a smiley face on!

We saw a positive effect at first and had no bites on any of us and found the stickers are very handy for young ones who may keep taking off a bracelet or keep stretching it until it is too loose!

However we did have a few problems where my grandson was bitten even though he had the spray on and ended up with another bad reaction. Also a couple of us had mosquitos land on us and start to bite even though we had either a band on or the spray and even had them land very close to the band and start biting.

I also had some feedback from Instagram about the products.

Instagram feedback on The Mosquito Company products

I have looked into reviews for the product, I checked Instagram and there are some very positive comments, but there are also a lot of negative comments with people saying they have had multiple bands on and yet still been bitten.

The hard thing about reviewing products is when you have to give negative reviews on products and companies, however I have always said that my reviews are honest and if a review isn’t 100% honest, well it serves no purpose!

Of course this is my opinion after testing the products, but the products were used by multiple members of the family and overall we saw that they didn’t stop us getting bitten.

Check out The Mosquito Company at www.themosquitocompany.co.uk and on social media, Facebook & Instagram

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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