I have written about a wide range of CBD infused products from e-liquids for vaping to tea bags and drops and sprays.

CBD Jelly Domes

However I really like the edibles and had been using the Love Hemp Jelly Domes that contain 10mg of CBD per Jelly Dome. They are sticky and easily disappear in the mouth as they are so soft.

The Love Hemp CBD Gummy Bears from For The Ageless

Recently I have been using the CBD Gummy Bears made by the same brand and from For The Ageless.

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These are firmer and not sticky like the Jelly Domes and contain only 5mg of CBD per Gummy Bear. They contain no sugar or gluten and are naturally flavoured using lemon, orange and strawberry.

I did find the Strawberry a tad bitter but not so much that it is off putting.

EDIT: Daniel has told me that the bitter taste is the CBD

I like the more substantial chew of the Gummy Bears compared to the Jelly Domes and the fact that they are not a pot of sticky like the domes.

I had been using one of the Jelly Domes morning and evening and have been taking two of the Gummy Bears that gives the same amount of CBD, but that is because I have more discomfort in the winter with the arthritis.

For me the biggest noticeable difference has been that my anxiety has dropped right off. I spent 30 years suffering crippling anxiety and had tried therapy, pharmaceuticals etc and they helped to a degree but since regularly using CBD I have felt like I did before it all started.

Check out the post below which explains why I recommend For The Ageless!

The CBD Gummy Bears are available in three sizes/quantities form For The Ageless and there is currently (23/01/20) an offer on.

They come in a glass Jar with screw top lid and are available as 40 for £19.99, 100 for £47.99 £42.99 & 200 for £89.99 £64.99 from the For The Ageless website.

You can keep up to date with For The Ageless on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

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