Years ago we all had a Haynes Manual that was covered in grease, oil and drips from a bacon sandwich and that is because vehicles were a lot easier to work on and with the help of a Haynes manual and a decent set of tools, any job was possible.

Haynes VW Scirocco Manual

The last Haynes manual I owned was for my 1983 Volkswagen Scirocco that was my pride and joy and I can even remember the last job I did using the Haynes manual for reference. It was a carburettor problem where a carburettor float needle had come loose and if I put my foot down the engine lost power.

Haynes have made sure of the brand survival as cars became harder to work on at home due to the complexity and not being able to get your hands in the very cramped engine bays.

They have done this by evolving and whilst still producing Haynes manuals for vehicles they also now publish manuals on anything from Aviation to Military and Caravanning & Camping to Sci Fi and of course Bee Keeping.

Despite the fact that this is Haynes Manual that is very different from any other I have owned, it still feels familiar and has that Haynes Manual look.

It is a hardback book consisting of 169 pages in total that are A4 sized and what I like about this Manual is that it easy to pick up for quick reference where as many of the other Beekeeping books I have read are more of a read and many have confused me!

I have a Top Bar Hive that I built with the help of my Father in Law last year and whilst the Haynes Manual only briefly mentions this style of hive, the Bee Manual has still been a very useful resource and will continue to be!

That is because it is a very easy read and approaches the subject in a way that even the novice beekeeper will understand and not be bewildered.

And after all, even though there are a variety of hives available, beekeeping is beekeeping and reading about beekeeping using frames still gives me a great insight into their world and behaviour.

Haynes Bee Manual

Haynes have made sure that everything you need to know from Equipment to Swarm management and pests and diseases is covered and for me one of the most useful chapters is ‘The Beekeeping Year’ where it covers what is happening in the hive and what you as a beekeeper should be doing!

Just like my old Volkswagen Scirocco Haynes Manual, the Bee Manual breaks down the subject into easy to understand sections and guides you through the subject.

It has been beside me for quick reference and I have been reading it as I watch the bees coming and going from the hive and it will be on top of the end of the hive when I first open up the hive later this week.

Unlike my old manual this is likely to end up sticky but well loved.

Haynes Manuals have always been a product you can rely on and I am very happy to report that hasn’t changed and the Bee Manual is an amazing resource for anyone entering the world of beekeeping.

It is usually priced at £22.99 but is currently available at £16.69 with free Prime next day delivery.

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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