Having recently connected with Disability Horizons, who is always looking to work with disabled bloggers and vloggers, I have been sent a range of products available on the Disability Horizons Shop to review and today I am reviewing The Hands of Warriors Wheelchair Gloves.

Repost of a review that I posted on the Disability Horizons Shop blog!

I have been a wheelchair user for 10 years now and the gloves I have used up to this point have been just functional and not a nice looking or feeling glove.

The pair I have been using are fingerless, not lined, the hook part of the velcro irritates my wrists and my hands turn black if it is raining, but I have pushed on (pun intended) as they do the job.

So when I was asked if I would review the wheelchair gloves from Hands of Warriors, I agreed but did wonder how I would get on with a glove that was built to look good as well as being functional?

After all, I am a simple man!

HoW White and Orange Stitch

I have been sent the ‘White and Orange stitch‘ design gloves that have a fastener on the wrist.

Hands of Warriors gloves

They arrived in a slim box and were wrapped in tissue, this is a very nice touch and it is just a glimpse of the quality of the gloves that are wrapped inside the tissue paper.

I have to admit that I think I may have let out a groan of pleasure when I tried on the first glove?

They are made from the ‘A grade’ Ethiopian Hairsheep Leather, this is something I hadn’t heard of but it is sheep who grow hair rather than a fleece/wool. Also known as Cabretta leather, it is a high-quality leather that is often used for making dress gloves and the leather is coveted for its softness and durability.

And you can feel it!

The gloves are lined and slipping them on feels like you have gone into Harrods and tried on a pair of gloves that cost in the hundreds of pounds mark and that is not an exaggeration.

I did wonder at first if I had made a mistake when measuring my hands, they were very snug putting them on but once my hands were in the gloves they fitted just fine and this is because they are designed to be snug on the wrist to hold them in place better.

This means no more of that nasty velcro that has caused me so many problems with my other gloves!

I did have concerns about how they would fare over time, this is because the leather is so soft and feels so good that it hard to understand how they could be hard wearing?

I was out along the seafront yesterday, so I tried to give the gloves more grief that I would normally exert on a pair of gloves. I pushed with my thumbs on the tyre and my fingers around the NaturalFit push rims.

The ground was wet, grit was being brought up on the wet tyres and this is for me one of the times I do wear gloves, to just stop my hands getting sore from this grit on the tyres.

The temperatures were low, there was high wind and so the windchill was down at about 2°c and yet my hands were so warm.

It was really nice to have my hands not only protected from becoming sore in wet weather but also to be protected from the cold.

Hands of Warriors wheelchair gloves reinforced thumb

When I got home, I inspected the gloves that have a reinforced thumb and couldn’t see any signs of the start of damage.

However I am posting this initial review and I will then update it in a couple of months with how they have coped with the job that they are tasked with.

Image is a photograph showing the 8 different designs of Hands of Warriors leather wheelchair gloves available for sale at Disability Horizons

The Disability Horizons Shop will be stocking eight different designs of the Hands of Warriors gloves, four womens and four mens.



They will be priced at £30 per pair exc VAT but there will be UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions.

Gift wrapping is £2.00 and ‘signed for 1st class delivery’ will be £3.00.

The gloves Hands of Warriors gloves will be available on the Disability Horizons Shop soon.

Owner of Hands of Warriors owned by Carina Fordham has said that whilst there are gloves on the market that look similar to these gloves but priced a lot less, they will likely not be made from the same quality leather!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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