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The future scares me!

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So Cameron has officially announced that the general election will take place on the 7th May and its a battle between himself and Ed Milliband, I know for sure that the tories are planning to hit welfare again with more cuts, Labour? To be honest I’m not actually sure but I do know that I feel that either way it’s looking bleak for anyone in my position.

Yes I’m on benefits, its not because it’s an easy life and its certainly not because I don’t want to or can’t be bothered to work, its because a morning shower on a good day leaves me scrambling for some morphine to try and take the edge off the pain. I once was strong despite being in pain and I waved my crutches and screamed in the face of disability, but now I have been drained of every bit of fight, I’m tired and I do my best to just make it through each day.

So this media frenzy around these men who claim they want the best for our country doesn’t frustrate me, it doesn’t even anger me, now it’s almost bring me to tears. That sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it, but I have no reason to lie, I’m Not Cameron or Milliband or even Clegg if we have to mention him, I’m so low already because of years of pain and stress makes people in pain more susceptible to pain and so its not helpful.
I don’t trust any of them, to me it’s just a case of the only thing that do believe when I hear them speak is the fact they are breathing and that irritates me.
I want to speak to my local candidates because I have so many questions and yet why ask when I know that all the promises in these campaigns are never kept.

What does the future hold for me and my family, I wish it was just a case of focusing on my health and trying to handle the pain. My wife takes care of our finances because the stress of trying to pay the top up on the rent, the top up on the council tax and paying the bills is too much for me, she doesn’t go shopping once a week but several times because we don’t have the money to do a major shop, she buys what she can as money becomes available. This is only going to get worse no matter who stands there as the new prime minister and smiles whilst telling us they care.

So will I vote for, well I would rather vote for Hitler than Cameron, Labour? I don’t know, I want to vote, I want to use my  ❎ but at the moment I’m just considering using the slip for toilet roll, less s#!t that way.

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