Beds are not cheap, but it is not a purchase we often make and we want to buy something that we think is decent, but beware of the divan bed con!

We had a pine bed, we had had it for many years and both it and the mattress were long overdue for replacing and so we decided that enough was enough, we had to get a new bed.

Of course the hope is that when you spend around £1000 on a divan bed, that the quality we be acceptable.

I am very aware that mattresses are expensive and so at this price it was never going to be top of the range, but the build and the materials used in the build should be of a quality that enables the bed to give a good few years of use.

You would think so, but this is not the case!

This is the bed we purchased, it is a divan bed with headboard and it has under bed storage consisting of 4 drawers.

When it was delivered, we immediately had issues with one of the drawers.

It was almost impossible to open as the runners were buckled and coming off, but they offered to knock some money off and we were happy, mistakes happen and we now had the bed and didn’t want the fuss of returning it!

After a few months, I noticed that the pain in my right hip was worse, and then I saw that the mattress had a dip in it. I am the first to admit that I am not the lightest of people, but this shouldn’t happen this quick?

A week later, I noticed that it wasn’t the mattress but the top of the divan unit that was dipped right in and so we removed a drawer and saw that the materials used and the build of the bed were extremely poor.

The bed had been purchased through the Littlewoods catalogue as it is the only way we can purchase larger and more expensive items for the house, and so the person we got it through said they would ring them up.

At this point, I have to say that we were offered a very large reduction in the price of the bed and we accepted as a family member said they could repair the bed and make it stronger for very little money and again, it saved the fuss of returning it and waiting for a new one!

Below are the photos I took when the material that covers the bottom of the divan unit was removed!

The wood used is, in my opinion, no better than pallet wood. There are no carpentry joints used in the construction, and the frame is stapled together!

The top of the divan is card, not even cheap hardboard but cheap card and this is supported on the thin wood frame at the edges and all that supports it across the width of the bed is just three 1 cm thick pieces of this poor quality softwood timber.

It is obvious that the reason we got a large discount on the bed is that the cost to make these poor excuses for a bed is very cheap and they are then given a high price tag.

Looking at the build quality, it is obvious that without proper carpentry joints, no screws or glues, that these beds will have a very short life span!

My advice is to not buy blind!

If like us, you have no choice but to purchase from a catalogue or if you buy online as the price is cheaper, try and find a shop that sells the same bed or a similar bed by the same manufacturer and go and have a look.

Of course, if the bed doesn’t have storage, then you won’t be able to see inside to check out the construction, however as they are made so cheaply, you will see the frame through the material as it is not lined.

Please just be aware that unless you are buying top of the range, beds are not made like they once used to be.

Just like armchairs and settees, the build quality is shocking and if they don’t fall short of some regulations for the manufacturing of furniture, I would be very shocked!

If you have purchased a divan bed and it turns out to be made of poor quality wood that is merely stapled together and is starting to break. Ring the supplier and demand a refund or a very good discount.

Don’t accept their first refund offer, they will always go in low first. With some polite but firm insistence, you can get a good discount and then purchase the wood to reinforce the bed for about £30.

The old phrase ‘buyer beware’ is never more important!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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