Grimfrost 'Resin & Hops' Beard Oil

Review: Grimfrost ‘Resin & Hops’ Beard Oil

Review: Grimfrost ‘Resin & Hops’ Beard Oil

Review: Grimfrost ‘Resin & Hops’ Beard Oil

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I have been testing a very different Beard oil, Grimfrost ‘Resin & Hops’ Beard Oil.


Unlike the other companies that I have reviewed, Beard care products are only a small part of what Grimfrost has to offer.

The website has an impressive selection of Viking goods for sale from Beard rings to Viking clothing, swords and drinking horns and there is everything the modern day Viking enthusiast would need.

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I was unsure what to expect from this oil, normally we have a fair idea but I have never seen a hop and Resin? I was sent two bottles of the oil and so I sent one to Les who is a member of the Facebook group ‘Guardians of the Beard’ that I set up, Les used to go hop picking in Kent when he was younger and it was Les that told me about this oil, you can read his review here!

The oil has a nice pine smell to it, not that clinical pine that we are used to in household products, this is a smell like you have run you hand through the needles of a pine tree and I guess that’s where the resin part comes into play.

The oil smells of a forest, a real green and woodsy smell and having never seen a hop and not being a beer drinker, I wouldn’t know what a hop smells like but this oil fits in perfectly with the Viking goods, I can imagine that if they made an oil, it would smell exactly like this.

The oil is made up of Jojoba, Apricot, Avocado and Argan carrier oils with a blend of Juniper, Hops and Pine essential oils. The oil is a heavier oil and that’s what I like in an oil, my beard was okay with thinner oils when it was shorter but as its now longer and being quite messy, a heavier oil is what is needed to keep it looking good.

‘Resin & Hops’ Beard Oil from Grimfrost comes in a 30ml Glass bottle with a dripper dispenser and is available from the Grimfrost website for £12.

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