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Tesco late night home deliveries.

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I was in bed last night and suddenly there was an awful noise, it took me a while to figure out what it was. It turned out to be one of the Tesco late night home deliveries for a neighbour.

The squawking noise was the warning sound activated when the van is put in reverse, now I understand why this is needed but this driver took a very very long time to park and so it went on and on, it was well over 5 minutes.

FInally the sound stopped and I could relax again, the driver had other ideas though!

I say driver as I don’t know if it was a him or her as I am disabled and can’t get to the window to see, the sound, the disturbance of the trays that contain the shopping being sorted and dropped on the floor was not acceptable for this time.

Now yes I agree that I am in bed early as I am in constant pain and I struggle to stay up late, it is also not helped by the fact that we live in a bungalow and our bedroom is at the front of the property. It doesn’t really matter that I am in bed early, there is also children asleep and I think it would be advisable for Tesco to explain to their drivers about respect for the neighbourhoods they are working in.

Tesco late night home deliveries.

Of course by this time of night the driver is now eager to finish his or her round and get home and so I expect they are throwing stuff around more than they may do at the beginning of the shift? But whatever, this is not acceptable and I expect I am not the only person who has been disturbed by these deliveries that can go on until 11pm!

Maybe the reversing signal that mimics a crow being strangled could be deactivated after a certain time in a residential area?

Of course this just happened to be Tesco but also Asda, Ocado and Sainsbury’s are also out delivering till late and I think they should be making sure that the impact of these deliveries on the neighbourhoods is as low as possible!


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