You’re a doctor?

I have just been to the doctors, I don’t make a habit of going for this and that but recent problems in my opinion needed checking out! I have been having trouble regulating my body temp, I’m over heating through carrying out the smallest tasks and last night I just started sweating whilst sat watching […]

Stop, this is my appointment!

We have all had that feeling of disappointment when we leave the hospital because we didn’t ask a question or tell the consultant something, I have been there many many times and despite saying it wouldn’t happen again, it did. An appointment to see a specialist is valuable, we don’t often get to see the […]

Just me and a horny warthog!

Just me and a horny warthog!

Its eleven o’clock at night and I’m laid here awake, my wife has fallen asleep and she will be a bit fed up that I’m saying her snoring sounds like a horn warthog, I chose the warthog because if I said pig, then she would be twice as angry! I’m awake and on my tablet […]

Did you hear that bang?

Did you hear that bang?

Like most people I have always wondered what would happen if someone broke into our property, I have never been worried because I have always believed that I could take on an intruder. I stand (or at least I used to) 6′ 4″ tall, have shaven hair, a grade one and a goatee beard. My […]

Do you trust your pain management doc?

I’m on quite a few pain meds but in comparison to some, its not much. Each day I take 8 x 500mg Paracetamol, 8 x 30mg Dihydrocodeine, 4 x 10mg Nortriptyline and 2 x 300mg Pregabalin and I also wear a 52.5mcg/hr and a 5mcg/hr Buprenorphine patch, this is topped of with Oramorph as needed. […]

Senza shivers down my spine!

I have been offered a procedure that might help stop my pain or knock the intensity of the pain down. Its called Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and the procedure has two stages. In both stages a wire or wires are in my case fed up the spinal cord from the lower back and placed in […]