A pain free 2018?

A pain free 2018?

Could I be looking at A pain free 2018? Well at the moment it is amazingly looking like it.   I have been in pain for way too many years, certainly before 2008. I am on so many different medications and yes some have helped in the beginning, but of course we become tolerant to them and […]

Mental Health Tips for Men in Their 50’s

There is a great debate in the scientific world over what our nature-given lifespan is, and how much have the modern medical advances contributed to it. Many renowned scientists would agree that nature intended the average male to live approximately fifty years. So, I guess you should have been dead by now. But you’re not, […]

regular vitamin and mineral intake

The Importance of Regular Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Your diet and general nutrition habits can be divided into three categories: your calories, your macronutrients and your micronutrients. Your daily calorie intake is essential for balancing your weight and manipulating either weight gain or weight loss – you cannot lose weight without a calculated calorie intake, so forget about doing 15 minutes of sit-ups […]


How Bad Diet Affects Your Overall Health

Junk food, salty meals, sugary drinks and other bad food choices weaken your immune system, make you overweight, depressed and unhealthy. However, the solution is hard to reach – you have to change your dietary regime and introduce a number of changes into your everyday schedule. Here are a few facts that might help you […]

middle-aged men

5 Health Threats Middle-Aged Men Face

No matter how much you’re trying to prevent it, reaching a certain age affects you, both mentally and physically. You react more slowly, start showing signs of aging and start feeling different. But, this is all normal and instead of ignoring these things – try accepting them, adapting to a new lifestyle and preventing aging […]

healthy man

How to be a Healthy Man in 5 Effective Steps

While a lot of people like to blame health issues on external factors, in reality, everyone is in charge of their own health. Sure, there are some genetic disorders you can do nothing about, but when it comes to your health in general, the lifestyle you lead will always have the final say. With this […]