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Tablet heaven

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I used to use a laptop for all my browsing and writing but when I started to get the CRPS symptoms, it became too uncomfortable to have on my lap and so when I received some money for my injury I looked at getting a tablet. It was 2012 and the reviews were very much back then in favour of the Motorola Xoom, I knew I didn’t want an Ipad because they are so locked in. The Xoom had a micro sd card slot and so I could double the storage, it had connections for USB and hdmi as well and so I entered the world of android and I loved it.

Three years later and I have stopped using the Xoom and now have a Sony Xperia Z SGP312, this is even better than the Xoom and that is mainly because Motorola stopped supporting the Xoom and so I was stuck without updates. I can now sit or lay and access social media, write blog posts and best of all it has infrared built in and so I can operate the Sky+ box and the TV, its perfect because I’m forever losing the remote. Again I have a micro sd card slot and can add 32gb of extra storage, a very handy feature for me because I keep films on the tablet in case of a hospital stay.
The only complaint I have is the battery charge doesn’t last long and it takes a long time to recharge but I’m using it all the time and then I just charge overnight. The screen is amazing and so watching films is amazing. The Motorola has been put aside in case of emergencies.

For me having a tablet and access to the internet is vital, social media keeps me sane and interacting with people via my tablet is actually the only social interaction I get apart from my wife and daughters. Being connected and chatting to people who know what it’s like to be in pain constantly somehow helps me with my pain.

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