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Are you sure that is a genuine Mo Bro’s product?

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Like every successful product in this world, Mo Bro’s has been a victim of cheap Chinese copies. So now you have to ask yourself Are you sure that is a genuine Mo Bro’s product?

Now this isn’t like trying to spot a fake watch or handbag, the product does look very similar but not so much that you can’t spot it.

Are you sure that is a genuine Mo Bro's product?

Now as you can see, there are some warning signs that scream fake. The first is that it doesn’t actually say Mo Bro’s, it just copies their branding. The funny thing is the typical Chinese screw up with translation, it’s a moustache oil on the label and not beard oil and then below it says Men’s Beard Eyelash Growth Fluid.

So if the fake branding fools you, the poor translation even gets you, if you think a beard oil for £2 is any good, well I feel sorry for your beard.

This one is a fake moustache wax and the thing that worries me the most is what is in there!

When you buy from Mo Bro’s, you know you can trust the products. They have all been safety assessed and have the appropriate certificates to prove that. With these cheap forgeries, you don’t know what you are putting on your beard and what allergens are present. The last thing you want is a skin problem to just save a few quid.

So be aware when buying, not everything is what it claims to be!

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