Yes it gives me immense pleasure to bring to you my review of the Superfurry Sin & Tonic Beard Polisher.

I had first reviewed the beard polisher from Superfurry 4 years ago, and I have reviewed some other scents in this product since then, so I was very happy to receive the Superfurry Sin & Tonic Beard Polisher!

Back then I opened the jar, peered in and my first thought was “nope“, it looks a little like a petroleum jelly and when you first scoop some you question the product.

However, this product is incredible, in fact I knew I loved this product, but I had forgotten just how damn good it is, and I have not come across another product like it!

It is a blend of;

  • Safflower Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Castor Oil

I guess the only way to describe it is that it hovers somewhere between a balm and an oil, it is a set oil and it outshines most other products.

I use the smallest amount, and it leaves my beard feeling super soft, it gives it a slight hold unlike an oil and wow, wow, WOW!

The Sin and Tonic scent is a complex blend and that does not surprise me because the owner and creator of Superfurry is a beard care God, he is a Guru, a Shaman of the blending of scents.

This is how Ivan describes the Sin & Tonic scent;

Tonic Olibanum from India in harmony with woodsy Cedar, rich notes of Italian Cypress and Austrian mountain pine. Discrete Hints of sinful precious Araucaria – Monkey puzzle tree and rare exclusive Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Sacred Elemi and Gum rock rose giving the fragrance a sinful touch. This fragrance will convince you in the very beginning with a unmistakable presence, and as it fades, the masculine woodsy accent will remain. 

So the Tonic Olibanum is Frankincense, the Araucaria is from the Monkey Puzzle Tree, Japanese Hinoki is Woodsy with notes of Lemon, Elemi is Pine like again with Lemon notes and Gum Rock Rose is sweet citrus floral warm top notes and slightly woody.

It is said that the Hinoki was used in Japan to build temples and the trees were guarded by Samurai, it truly is a special oil.

Superfurry Sin & Tonic Beard Polisher review

When I first scooped some Sin & Tonic beard polisher out of the jar and worked it into my beard, I thought I got a smoky scent or not, it was almost there, and I am still unsure if that is what it is?

The scent is obviously woodsy, it has a sweetness and those slight citrus notes.

I am okay with a woodsy scent usually, I am not keen but they are okay, but this is something very special.

It is grown up, it is exquisite and refined, it is just pure genius and I can’t get enough of it!

Ivan knows how to blend scents on another level and I have found this in so many of his scent blends, he truly is the master of this art!

Superior Golden Beard Award

And so I give this product the Superior Golden Beard Award, and yet I feel as though that is not enough, I feel as though I should lay prostrated at the feet of this man to celebrate this product!


The Sin & Tonic Beard Polisher comes in a 120ml jar and costs 25 euros from

I know that may cause a raised eyebrow, but it is a good price, how much are you paying for a 30ml handmade small batch oil? This is 4 times the size!



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