Part of modern life is having to remember to charge our phones, Bluetooth earphones, handheld gaming devices and so on. Fear not if you forget, the solution is here in my Subbytech Power Bank Review!

Yes, if you are like me, then you will most probably have that sudden moment of dread when your phone or other devices alert you to the fact that they are running low on battery.

We never really used to keep Bluetooth activated on our phones because it is a battery drainer as is location or GPS but now so many apps and connected devices require it and it doesn’t take long before we get that low battery warning and if you are out and about and not in a car or on transport that provides a USB connection, well you are in trouble.

G-d forbid we end up not able to be contacted for 20 minutes!

Subbytech have been selling a power bank previously, but that was a 10,000mAh capacity and their new power bank is double the capacity at 20,000mAh.

Subbytech Power Bank Review

The power banks are available in Black, Blue, Red & Pink and measure 146 x 74 x 26 mm and weigh in at 430g, the weight is not too much and it is understandable it weighs that as that is a very decent sized battery housed in the unit.

Subbytech Power Bank Review

On the top of the unit are two USB inputs in the centre, one USB C and one Micro USB to charge the unit. Either side of that are two USB ports for you to plug your USB leads into to charge your devices, and on the outside of those ports are an LED light on either side.

Subbytech Power Bank Review

Wrapped in a channel around the Subbytech power bank is a flat cable that sits in a recess, and pulling that out by the connectors end reveals two USB connectors. A USB C and a Lightning connector and these are now the two most popular and widely used USB connectors.

But fear not, supplied with the Subbytech Power Bank are three 30cm USB leads, a USB C, a Lightning connector and a Micro USB connector and of course you can use any USB lead plugged into one of the two USB ports.

This gives the device the capability of charging three devices at once (more if you have a USB hub)

Subbytech say that it will give 6 full charges from one powerbank full charge!

Subbytech Power Bank Review

Using the wrap round lead that has a USB-C and a Lightning connector, you just plug in your device and charging starts. However, if you plug into one of the two USB adapters on the top and you will need to give the power button a short press to start the charge.

When you short press the power button on the right-hand side, the remaining power percentage shows up through the black.

Long press (press & hold) the power button to turn on the two LED lights, short press and the lights flash (fast) and a further press and they flash slower. Press the power button again and the LED lights flash in the SOS pattern, dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot or fast-fast-fast, slow-slow-slow, fast-fast-fast and repeat.

A final press of the power button and the LED lights turn off.

I think the addition of the LED lights is very handy, for most people the flashing and SOS mode will not be used but having said that, the flashing mode is very handy if you find yourself having to walk on a dark road and I think it is worth having the option of the SOS mode, after all if one person in however many people use it to be located after calling the emergency services, well it could literally be a lifesaver!

A few years back I had a power bank and it was okay but it wasn’t that great, battery technology has improved and now we have powerbanks like this that are worth having.

It is priced at £32.99 at and I think this is a very handy bit of tech to have.

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If you think this isn’t for you, have a look at the Subbytech Clix Magnetic Charging Cables, if you don’t have one, you don’t have a decent charging cable! Read my review here.

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