The saying ‘Sometimes the old ways are the best’ has been on my lips more and more as I have become older and that is because we have wound the clock back on some of the things we have and do!

Yea, I know, I am old!

I do not dispute the fact that I am old, that I am now very well over middle age and that when selecting my date of birth online, it takes me ages to scroll all the way to 1967.

When I was at the beginning of my primary school years, we had sash cord windows, there was no central heating just open fires and a Coke (not Coca Cola) fuelled stove that had to be lit for us to have hot water!

But despite the fact that we didn’t have many possessions and the fact that in a way life was harder because the tech like automatic washing machines wasn’t available, I have found myself wanting to wind back the clock and reintroduce some old products back into our life.


I can remember in the 1970’s when I was about 9 or 10, Mum and Dad got a duvet for their bed and then one day Mum told me that she had bought me one and I can remember that first bedtime where Mum explained how it wasn’t all tucked in and I should grab the edge and almost wrap up in it.

We had by then moved and even though we no longer had open fires, the gas fuelled hot air heating only heated downstairs and the windows were still single glazed and Mum explained how I would be warmer.

I missed a proper made bed and being tucked in, it was just wrong, and my requests for my old bedding back were denied.

I hated it!

About ten years ago, Donna and I agreed that we would spend the money that my Mum gives us for Christmas on some new bedding. Proper bedding, good old sheet, blankets and bedspread and I have never missed getting rid of the duvet, it was truly a case of sometimes the old ways are the best!

We always have a sheet and in Summer that is often all we might have, but we will also have a light bedspread. As the days get colder at the end of Summer, a blanket is added in between the sheet and bedspread and then when it gets colder again, we swap the lightweight bedspread for a heavier one.

We then have another blanket we can add if it gets even colder and I love the weight, I love the fact it is all tucked in.

This year, I once again turned back the clocks!

Because of the pain I am in and the fact that my nerves are so screwed up, I feel pain more than most people, and even something as simple as a pocket in some shorts or pyjamas can cause extra pain. I have tried different pyjamas, shorts etc and not really found anything perfect.

So this year I purchased a nightshirt!

I spent ages online looking for the perfect one and that was difficult because when I did, I almost passed out when I saw the price was £300. So needless to say, I decided to pass on that and kept looking and it was going from super cheap and poor quality to made for billionaires and amazing, but eventually I came across one that was still very pricey for me, but worth it because of quality.

Peter Christian 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Nightshirt

Yes a proper ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ job and yes, before you ask, it did come with a matching nightcap!

Bearded man in nightshirt and nightcap

I purchased it from a company called Peter Christian, a ‘Gentleman’s Outfitters’ which is very different to the George at Asda, Matalan or Primark where I would usually get my nightwear. It cost £45 or you can get two for £80 but buying one was a right old splash out for me but I needed to get a good quality item. Shame, as I would love another one!

If you buy a good quality product it will likely end up cheaper because it will outlast many of the cheaper options, and I have no doubt this will be the case here because it is really a very good quality product.

Mens NightShirt

It is brushed cotton and brought memories of childhood flooding back as in the Autumn and Winter I would wear pyjamas that were the same material and despite the fact that the bungalow we are living in now is so cold with more draughts than a cave, I am warm at night.

The sizes are also very good and range from Small to 5XL and I went for 3XL and it fits, it is a nice length and even the sleeves are a good size, I have the arms of an Orangutang and I struggle with sleeves usually being too short. I am 6′ 4″ but have shorter legs for my height and a long torso. However, if I could get another, I would go 4XL just to get a bit more room, I am telling myself that I will lose weight anyway, which we all know is a lie!

They also sell a lighter weight Summer Nightshirt for the summer, which I hope to get, as I can’t imagine being willing to give up my new found love for old school nightwear.

My family find it hilarious, the jokes are in fact still coming my way two weeks later, but I do not care because just like ditching the duvet, it was the right thing to do and I love it.

I highly recommend a Nightshirt, yes you will likely get mocked by your other half and family, friends, postman or woman but it is worth the ridicule!

I now find myself at a stage where I no longer care what people think anyway!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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