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Social Media is making me anxious!

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Social Media is amazing, I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc a lot and that is because isolation is nothing new to me.

Like many people who have a disability and or chronic health condition, I spend long periods of time at home and so Social Media is vital as it is literally my social life!

But now I find myself going on to see if I have any notifications and then coming off because it is making me anxious.

I recently posted about Coronavirus and mental health and even though I started off feeling calm about the whole pandemic situation, it is now starting to affect me.

That is because of a few reasons.

  • First is the concern about food and supplies
  • Second the thought of me or a loved one getting it
  • Third the fact that because I am disabled, I might not get full treatment to save my life!

Our supermarkets, corner shops etc are almost stripped bare and getting supplies when there is stock is difficult because of people panic buying. This is a crisis that need not have happened, there was never an issue with a shortage but it was created by people panicking!

Of course I am concerned about contracting Covid-19, it is a nasty bugger and even previously fit and healthy individuals have become very unwell with some dying.

Not only do I have to worry about falling ill, I now also have to worry that because I am disabled and because I am unwell, that if it came to it, well the doctors may decided that I shouldn’t be intubated and they may not use extreme measures to save my life!

So all of this is weighing heavily on my mind and even though I have had a good year or so mentally, I knew that something may cause it to surface and that something is now the Coronavirus.

So now when I go on Social Media, I no longer find it comforting!

Instead I see post after post about the pandemic and the impact it is having on us and I feel my anxiety rise and so I am now briefly dipping in to see if someone has messaged or replied to me and then coming straight back out.

I do run a group for bearded guys and beard lovers called Guardians of the Beard and I have asked today that it is kept free of posts about the pandemic, that way it is a place where we can just talk crap, have a laugh and support each other as we always have.

Luckily Spring is now appearing and so I can distract myself in other ways. Today we are going out to start sowing the seeds in the greenhouse to grow various vegetables and so that will be very therapeutic.

I am also going to finally build the model kit I have had stored away for a couple of years of a Nan Chang CJ6a aircraft and even do some jigsaw puzzles that we have somewhere.

I also read a lot and I have loaded my Kindle up with books.

It is important to have time away from seeing posts, news alerts and all the rest of the information about the Pandemic. It is only natural that it causes us to be afraid but those of us with mental health issues will find it even more challenging and so distraction is vital.

For The Ageless

But I have to say that without a doubt, if I wasn’t using the CBD products from For the Ageless, I would be really mentally struggling now!

Stay safe, isolate yourself!

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