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Sleeping on a cobbled road.

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Our mattress was handed down to us by Noah when he vacated the ark, okay that’s not entirely true but it’s old. Its like Sleeping on a cobbled road.

On Monday night my pain was very high, it was a flare up caused the journey to Colchester hospital and the subsequent examination. I just could not get comfortable, my hips were giving me problems and I couldn’t sleep no matter which way I laid. I tried dosing up on Oramorph and taking extra Dihydrocodeine but nothing helped.

This made that one night feel way longer than it was and the next day my pain was even higher, there was a time when I looked forward to going to bed and getting comfortable but that is no longer the case.

We are advised to purchase a new mattress every eight years according to the Dreams television advert. We have an old King Size bed that was given to us and so looking at the prices of mattresses, we will never be able to afford a new one and even if we could it would be a cheap one which would be no good for me.

The truth is that a mattress that is suitable for me, one that would help with my pain is nearing £1000, now that is never going to happen, so what do you do?

I know that I am not the only disabled person who is in more pain and discomfort because of an old mattress. We tried adding a cheap memory foam topper, that was a waste of money! So what is the answer?

Well unfortunately the answer is there is nothing you can do about it, we already struggle to keep the rent topped up and the bills paid and so we can’t even save up for one.

So it’s a case of going to bed every night and feeling like I am sleeping on a cobbled road.

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  1. How about a go fund me page. You really need a new mattress or maybe be a mattress tester and get one for free. There must be something out there

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