I decided to write about Sky Versus Virgin Media TV because for many years we used Sky as our TV provider, when we moved house three years ago we were in a Virgin Media area and so I subscribed to their broadband but stayed with Sky for the TV.

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I watch a lot of TV, being disabled and in constant pain means I am laid up a lot and I fill the time with TV, Sky has a vast catalogue of Box Sets available On-Demand and I worked my way through a lot of box sets.

Sky Versus Virgin Media TVHowever I liked the speed of the Virgin Media Broadband, many companies claim to have fibre optic broadband but that is only to the exchange, from there its piped to your router through traditional copper wire. Virgin Media Broadband is fibre optic to your house and the speeds are amazing.

But as I said I am disabled,this means that I had to make a choice, keep Sky and take my broadband over to Sky or keep Virgin Media broadband and sign up to their TV and the final nudge was when our Sky box developed a fault and we were told it would be £70 for an engineer to visit!


So that is when we signed up to Virgin Media TV and the Tivo Box was installed. I was told that Virgin media also had box-sets and so I wasn’t worried.

Sky Versus Virgin Media TV

I was wrong to take the Virgin TV, yes the Tivo box can record two channels whilst you watch a third and it is an impressive box but its let down by the software. The UI (user interface) is slow, its painfully slow and so the menu takes forever to switch over between its various functions.

I also hate the series link on Tivo, with Sky you select a programme and press series link and Voila,it’s done, simple! Tivo, oh no, Tivo thinks and gets it wrong, I selected a programme to record and put it on a series link and the next time I looked, I had so many recordings of the show. It had selected old episodes, the same episode three times over and I then had to delete them, this is because I didn’t realise that I had new and re-runs selected but even when you do that, problems. I selected a show to watch, I didn’t want to record it when it first showed because I already had recordings at that time, so I selected the show when it was on later that night, but Tivo had other ideas.

As for box-sets, yes Virgin has box sets put not many, its an insult to people to claim there is. One thing that is good about Virgin Media is that you don’t own the Tivo box and so if it develops a fault there is no cost.

Anyway its been a year now and a while back I wanted to reduce my package to save money. With Sky you can make changes when you want, however Virgin wanted to lock me into another one year package to do this, needless to say we are getting rid of it when the contract ends!

Virgin Media have admitted that they have ignored their TV service and have instead been focused on their broadband. A software update later this year is meant to address the problems with the slow and over complicated user interface.

The bottom line is that if you want paid TV in the UK, well Sky is really the best choice. The service is amazing and the On-Demand service is full of Box sets for you to watch and if I could I would have Sky.




By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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