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Sitting Yoga

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Sitting Yoga.

Last year I hit the big 50 and without a doubt over the last few years my fitness levels have dropped a lot.

I used to be able to get out in my chair and push a good few miles without a problem, but now once round the block and this old boy is beaten!

I was chatting on Twitter with Mik Scarlet and I said I couldn’t bath anymore as I can’t get out the bath, he mentioned that doing sitting yoga has enabled him to build up his strength and he can get himself out of the bath and so I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to do some daily exercise.

Mik published a YouTube video last year in a series of Fit at Fifty on sitting yoga, yes yoga that I can do whilst sat in my wheelchair and it is a 6 minute routine.

So today I put up the video on the TV and did my first session of sitting yoga, I had previously watched it and thought that it looked easy and I could not have been any more wrong!

I used to love going to the gym, I used to love getting out for a run as well and I had forgotten how good that post exercise ache feels.

So thank you to Mik, I think he has given me that nudge that I needed and I plan to do a session of this sitting yoga every morning. Of course that depends on my pain levels, there are bound to be days where it is just not possible and I also expect my body is going to complain about this exercise.

So finally after years of saying “this is the year I start exercising”, I actually have.

It will of course without a doubt cause some extra pain in the beginning but hopefully my body does tolerate this and if not, well then I go a little slower and see how that goes!



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