Yes I have posted about being disabled and not letting it get in the way of a good sex life, but there are times when it does!

This can be because I am simply in too much pain and despite my brain thinking now is the time for sex, it isn’t.

But it can also be when I am in less pain and able to have sex but my wife being the sensible one, knows to check the diary.

Now that sounds a bit like I am having to make an appointment with her but that is not what I mean, it is because she knows that the physical act of sex will mean that I then will have anywhere from 2 days to a week of higher pain levels.

Last night (Monday) as we are laid in bed, somehow as always she knows that I am thinking about sex and she turns to me and says “It’s a no by the way, you have two hospital appointments on Friday!”

And damn she is right!

On friday I have an Echocardiogram and a CT Cardiac Angiogram booked in one after the other. Now these tests need nothing from me except lying there, but I often have pain flare ups that means I struggle to get up to go to the toilet.

And so I cannot risk being in too much pain to attend these appointments!

We have tried me just giving my wife an orgasm using a sex toy, but I am a man and I have very little self control in those situations and it ends in “sod the pain flare up” and then the next day laying there saying “why did I do that?”

It can be frustrating to have your sex life halted because of an appointment that is days later and also frustrating that sometimes despite being in a lot of pain, that your brain is still thinking sex. I guess that is no surprise as my brain still tries to convince me that I can do a lot of things and it is one of the hards parts about being disabled and in pain!

So I find myself in the position of wanting sex but knowing that I have to get the hospital appointments out of the way first and it may be the case that going to the appointment and the waiting will cause a pain flare up and I can never tell if it will or not.

Yes I know many of you are thinking “just knock one out” (masturbate) but for me it isn’t just the physical process of cumming, it is that bond between me and my wife during sex that I crave.

Luckily being a wheelchair user sat down, you can almost hide an erection!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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