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The reason that I decided to name the blog Sat on my Butt is because I am literally always Sat on my Butt, I am a 49 50 51 52 year old bearded gramps and disabled.

Wheelchair user in RGK Chrome wheelchair

Chronic pain, crap knees and fatigue have at the moment beaten me. So I decided to blog about what is happening and it was extremely cathartic and then the reviews took off, so it’s a nice little hobby that helps me feel like I have some purpose.

Here you will find blog posts under Zec’s World & Moans and several categories of reviews from mobility products, tech, CBD & even sex toys and now a new category Beekeeping as I attempt to see if it is possible for a wheelchair user in Chronic Pain to become a beekeeper?

The website is hosted for free by a guy called David Warby and without that help it wouldn’t be possible.

Zec Richardson

I have been blogging for some time, I deleted my old blog for a fresh start in 2015. The old blog helped me through writing, let go of some problems that had caused mental health issues. A difficult period in my life where an accident finally finished my knee off, I was sacked after complaining about the accident, we lost the property we were renting and worst of all, my lay ministry was taken away by the Priest I had covered for when he was absent or worse for wear and this caused me to lose my faith and that caused my mental health to dip massively!

Blogging can be extremely cathartic.

But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and more likely to bury a body!

Zec Richardson

After 15 years of having a goatee beard, I went full beard in 2015 and after reviewing some beard oil, the reviews for beard care took off and and I have reviewed over 600 products from 150 brands and it took over the website.

I am going to continue reviewing beard care but the categories have been placed under a Beard Care drop down menu so that the beard side is still there but it doesn’t scare off people looking for the disability side of the website.

Zec's world and moans, posts about me and my life

So the website is being turned around and I will be writing more blog style posts that give you an insight to the world through my crazy thoughts and experiences but the reviews will still continue. I will review if asked but wont actively seek beard care products!

The Tech reviews are now really starting to take off and the website views have taken a leap upwards as have the YouTube Channel reviews.

So I hope you enjoy reading the posts and reviews and please spread the word about www.satonmybutt.co.uk

Thank you for reading!

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