After having reviewed the Bedtime Beard Butter of the same scent, I was sent the Runesilk Dark Night Beard Oil for review.

If you are a regular visitor to my beard care reviews, you will know that the Runesilk brand is one of my favourite brands and that I have been unable to find fault with any of their products so far.

It is a brand that I highly recommend and if you haven’t tried any of the products from Runesilk, you are really missing out.

The base blend for this oil is

  • Grapeseed  Oil
  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sea Buckthorn  Oil

And it is a very nice, no it’s a bloody lovely blend!

The oil has a beautiful rich amber colour that is almost heading into the green hue and it you can feel the quality of this oil as soon as you dispense some into the palm of your hand.

This is done using the glass dropper dispenser that is used on all of the Runesilk oils and I have to say that it is my favourite of the oil dispensing methods.

I loathe waiting for the dripper styles and a plain old open top bottle is far from great (read as being shit).

This oil as I said feels great in your hand and even better in your beard and it will do everything that you want and need from a beard oil and priced at £11.99 for 30ml it is a bargain for a handmade, small batch beard oil of this quality!

The scent blend is

  • Lavender
  • Fennel
  • Clary Sage
  • Neroli
  • Benzoin

I rummaged through my drawer of beard products searching for the Dark Night Bedtime Butter.

I am not very keen on the scent in this oil and so wanted to compare the two, but I had used it all up as I loved it so much.

Identical scents can smell very different in a beard oil compared to a balm or butter, the scent of the oils used is brighter they pop out more and so I have on a few occasions loved a balm and yet struggled with it in the oil.

I am not sure what it is that is putting me off, I said to Daniel who is the owner and creator of Runesilk that it was too spicy but that isn’t right, it may be the Fennel or the Clary Sage.


And it is a big but. Even though I am not keen on this scent or rather the strength of it in this oil, I can recognise that it is blended perfectly and I expect nothing less from this brand.


The Dark Night Beard Oil costs a very very reasonable £11.99 for the 30ml bottle from

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By Zechariah Richardson

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